3 Amazing Tips for Designing Flawless PowerPoint Templates


Wondering how to create a PowerPoint presentation that holds the ability to hook the audience till the end? Do you think a PowerPoint presentation is not your forte?

Well, let’s face the truth here. You needn’t be a skilled graphic designer or a professional design expert to craft an engaging PowerPoint presentation. Yes, you heard that right!

PowerPoint is a highly versatile platform and is rich in features. It assists you in numerous ways to make your presentation attractive with boosted aesthetic appeal. Your audience will love your presentation once you understand some simple concepts and ace the process.

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So you realize that even if you are furnished with the gift of speaking flawlessly without drawing people’s attention with your voice, you will need a good PowerPoint presentation to back up your speaking. A beautiful and engaging PowerPoint presentation is enough to distract your audience in cases of minor interruptions in your speech.

Now, let us jump straight into 3 failsafe points that can work wonders to make your presentation stand out from the rest.

1. Remember, the Colors You Choose Are Important

The colors you choose for making your presentation hold the capability to make or break your entire presentation. While listening to your speech, your audience will stare at the screen for a long time to understand and comprehend your slides. For instance, if your PowerPoint presentation is about 30 minutes long and you use vibrant colors from the first slide to the last, it will strain your audience.

What does it mean? It means that your audience will not be interested in your presentation for a long time, even if you have excellent content. Hence it would help if you remembered to choose contrasting colors when choosing colors for your presentation.

Let’s consider the color wheel. Always try to choose the colors from the opposite ends of the wheel to be used together. This way, your text will stand out from the background, making them correctly readable.

Now that you understand the importance of colors in your presentation, choose the right combination for your PowerPoint presentation, and you are all set to slay your meeting!

2. Fonts and Text Size Influence Minds!

Say goodbye to the usual Ariel, Calibri, and Times New Roman font. Find fabulous or inbuilt fonts from the web and select the best for your presentation. These fonts from the web are easy to install. Pair a beautiful and catchy font with your PowerPoint presentation design to produce excellent results.

Remember not to overdo yourself because more than two fonts in one slide can hamper the presentation flow.

Also, studies have found that the minimum font size of your text should be maintained at 30. Larger font size will create the impression that your slide is not overcrowded by unnecessary text. Don’t reiterate what you intend to speak during the presentation. Just furnish your audience with the chunks of information, and you are done! Using a larger font makes your presentation easily understandable and engages the audience.

3. Be Brief and Visual – Simplicity Is More Crucial Than You Think

Remember, don’t treat your PowerPoint presentation like you are writing a word document. After all, nobody is there to read your slides. A PowerPoint presentation is all about the visual impact. It would help if you highlighted your topic and aspects to the audience in the most visually appealing way possible.

For instance, display a graph instead of writing how your company gained a hundred clients this month and two hundred the other month! Yes, we all know these; we must improvise and implement them.

Adding these visually appealing aspects can help your audience lock eyes with what is essential rather than unnecessary texts.

Also, have a simple design and keep the presentation brief. You don’t want to bore your audience with lengthy speeches and too many slides. Keep your slides only as much as required and your speech to the point. You have to understand that for a PowerPoint presentation, keeping your audience hooked till the end is a task. And to achieve that, brevity is essential anxnr.


That’s all you need to know and understand to make an appealing and engaging PowerPoint presentation. Now you’re all set to slay your meeting whenever you are asked to design a presentation for your company.

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