3 Benefits of Using Video on Social Media


Social media marketing is essential to every business’s promotional growth and customer success. Companies have many options, including cost-effective promotional Instagram posts, budget-friendly Facebook Ads, etc. However, since these have become available to everyone in the industry, it’s hard to compete and show the advantages of your company on social media. 

The good news is that there’s some type of content that can help you stand out in the competition and succeed. And that is video content. 

Three advantages of video content for social media

Recently, video has become one of the most favorite types of content by users and customers. In turn, businesses can use such an opportunity to show their products and services, connect with their audience, and bring more engagement to their brand. So, let’s uncover some of the fundamental benefits of using videos on social media. 

1. More conversions

Different social media tools allow companies to establish their strategy and track how things are going over time. The CRO process is one of the top KPIs crucial for any business. With videos, improving this KPI has become simpler than ever. While you can use an online video player to share your videos, you can also achieve success through social media platforms. 

First, video content can attract more users to your website, YouTube channel, or other mediums you’re using. If you also use a DRM System, you will ensure it’s all safe. This way, you can reach out to more people and expose your brand to them. In this process, if the video is created using customer data and a creative approach, it will get more attention. Next, don’t forget about adding a call-to-action that will help customers understand their next steps with your company. Ultimately, they will make their purchase decisions more easily and be satisfied with their experience with your brand. 

2. Brand awareness

As mentioned above, not many companies have started a video content strategy. You can leverage this factor and use videos to your brand’s advantage. First, making your videos visually attractive is important so that users will click on them. You can hire animation designers and visual professionals to get things done. 

Next, it’s time to provide the right content so your audience resonates with your videos. If your videos are appealing and informative enough, more people will engage with them and remember your brand when they see it on other platforms. Make sure to integrate some video protection techniques or tools if needed so that your content is all secure in the digital world. 

3. Easily-consumable

How did video content become so popular and beloved? The first reason is that it’s easy to consume. Whether you’re creating an educational how-to video or a product demo, users are more likely to engage with video content than read a whole manual. In the meantime, consider doing an online video watermarking to ensure users remember your brand well.

Especially when it comes to social media, where people come for entertainment, the importance of videos cannot be comparable. Remember that you don’t have to share videos all the time. On social media, you also need to share branded visuals, polls and quizzes, company updates, etc. However, consider the consumable benefit of videos and make sure to create some engaging ones to boost your brand on social media. 


If you’ve decided to focus heavily on a great social media marketing strategy, consider sharing some video content. With the right approach and the benefits as mentioned above in mind, you can easily succeed and achieve your business goals with videos. 

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