4 Common Office Problems And How To Solve It


Around 30 percent of our life is spent in our workplace. Given the amount of time that we spend at our workplace, it is not surprising that certain conflicts may arise. Whether you like it or not, it will affect your emotions and personal life. But keep in mind that you have to stay positive and professional throughout the course. Don’t let your emotions rule your thoughts, and end up looking like an unprofessional one.

You can find some common problems that often happen in work settings and the specific strategies that you could do, to help prevent these issues escalating.

Lack of Training

You could feel that the company did not provide you with proper on-the-job training and resulting in you can’t perform your best.  You might also think that there are many responsibilities and challenging tasks that you had to do, but you don’t know a thing about all of it because your supervisor or colleague only passed it down without really acknowledging your question.

Solution: Talk to your superiors about your worries and what you feel. Make them understand that your lack of training is the reason why you can do your best for the company. Do not feel guilty for sharing this, it is important for a company to understand its employees, to make sure that all work is done smoothly and without a hitch.

Interpersonal Conflict

Sometimes you encounter co-worker that it’s difficult to find common ground with. You might find that working with that person at your workplace is more difficult than the other. Whenever you have a conversation with them it could lead to disagreement and conflict. This situation could affect your work productivity and efficiency.

Solution: Put your ego away. You can deal with your co-worker by speaking in a neutral and non-accusatory tone. Do not quickly throw your temper just because you don’t like him or her. Remember that you need to be able to work together. You don’t have to be nice all the time, but show some respect when both of you are in a professional setting. Genuinely admire when they did a fabulous job, or you can also ask for their help from time to time if you have any specific problem. When the time is right, you can also have a small talk with them to discuss how  both of you can calmly settle your problems and differences to the best approach to go forward.

Lack of Positive Energy

Positivity is the key in every aspect of our life, especially in the work setting. But your office energy might not be positive all the time. Lots of deadline jobs, differences between each other, and any other conflict might arise from time to time. Lack of positive energy at your office could also happen because of how unclean and unorganized your office.

You and your co-worker might be too busy to make time to pay attention to your office surroundings, and it ends up in piles of disorganized paper, dusty furniture, and many other hassle. Having a clean work environment is important for employers, employees, even clients, because it will promote a positive company appearance and increase productivity within each worker.

Solution: Hiring a professional office cleaner can help to make it easier for companies in achieving a clean and healthy work environment. As a cleaning agency, Luce Office has professional and experienced office cleaners which will help your company to achieve what you seek. It also has many packages available, allowing companies to choose the kind of service that they really need. Employing a cleaner will definitely step up your company game in making sure there is no unnecessary drama and conflict arise. You’ll be surprised by the impact this will have on your workplace!

Poor Work-Life Balance

You might feel that you have too much workload that you have to do, and 24 hours a day is not enough for you to finish it all! It results in your work ends up blending with your home-life, because you keep bringing what you can’t finish to your home. This could end up in a very bad situation for you. You wont have proper time to rest, and your emotions will be running high. It is more likely for you to snap at people who don’t deserve it. This could affect your personal life and creates a quick path to burnout.

Solution: It’s good if you want to always excel and be one step ahead in your work. But it does not mean that you can’t make time and prioritize other things in your life. Be strict with yourself. Make a rule that you can’t bring workload to your home. If it’s not really urgent, respond to email and text during work hours only. During your day off or after office hours, give attention to your family and yourself to the fullest. Having a break could actually help you to become more productive rather than keep working all the time.