5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Juicing Machine


Purchasing a commercial juicer or blender is a significant expenditure. It’s true that if you want a high quality appliance, you may have to pay several hundred dollars. At first, the expense might appear to be high. However, this investment will quickly pay for itself. From there on, juicing will quickly become an essential part of your daily life as you experience the many benefits it offers.

But how do you know which one is right for you? Should you purchase a blender or a juicer, anyway, yes, there is a difference. How much horsepower should the device have, what amps should it run on, what brands are good? These questions are approaches to choosing a mixer that you must consider carefully before making your purchase.

To make it easier for you, I’ve mapped out a decision-making process that divides the process of finding the right commercial juicing machine into five simple questions.

Question One: Am I looking to make solid juice or smoothies?

This question is important because your answer will ascertain whether you are in the market for a blender or juicer. A blender makes smoothies and a juicer, that is to say, makes juice. There are distinct benefits to each.

If that’s the case for you, a juicer is a great alternative because you’re saving the excess digestion required for other beverages. The dietary benefits of really good juice can also be quickly absorbed into the blood. As well, juice cleanses are becoming increasingly popular for people looking for all-natural and drug-free ways to detox their body.

Question Two: Am I going to use this daily for serious cooking or casually?

Determining the quantity of electricity your juicer will have to use can help you choose which model will work best for you. If you plan on using your juicer each and every day for a multitude of purposes, you might have to consider a more powerful device, such as a device with 2 to 3 horsepower. However, if you are going to just make the occasional juice or juice smoothie, then simply a marginally more powerful unit will suffice.

Question Three: What types of cooking will I be using my juicing machine for?

There are many different brands of juicers and many types of blenders available. They all serve different purposes. If you’re in the market for a juicer, you should look at the items you intend to juice and whether you’d like a centrifugal or masticating juicer. If you plan on juicing a lot of green items like wheat grass, you might consider a masticating juicer.

There are a number of choices to choose from when choosing a blender, but the “type” one is not as important a feature as you’d believe. Speed variations include another important component to take into consideration when choosing a blender. Blendtec juicers allow you to operate the machine in 10 different speeds in order to customize it for the specific job you are doing. Vitamix blenders have a speed dial that adjusts power. If you use the blender often, the dial will be more convenient to use.

Question Four: How much space do I have in my kitchen?

Although when you consider that this is a countertop appliance and is nothing like a conventional refrigerator, it’s an excellent point to make. Juicers can be found in various sizes and types, from small to big and huge.

When you’re in the market for a blender or a juicer, keep your kitchen in mind, and store it in that special spot when you go shopping. And don’t forget that you will use your juicer 50 more times if you put it out in the open on the counter rather than in a container or any other place.

Question Five: What can I afford to spend!

No matter what else you are having, this should be a major determining factor of your buying decision. The main thing to remember is that this. If you want a top-notch juicing machine that can offer great functionality, is easy to use, and is built to last you, you really can’t consider going to the big box store and purchasing any device for $50. If you wish to make juicing part of your daily lives, it is wise to start saving your pennies and purchase a great product right away.

Now you should ask yourself these questions before making your decision which juicer to purchase. Hopefully, this piece will help you in finding the best commercial juicer on the market. Have fun experimenting with different ingredients with your new juicer or blender and enjoy your new health care regimen. Juicing and blending are awesome ways to improve your health, so make it a point to thoroughly experiment.

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