7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing The Guitar For Kids


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As a parent, you always wish & work to give your kids everything which is best for them. That’s why you involve them in fun and interactive social activities from an early age because it plays a pivotal role in developing their talents, passion and interests. One of the best & enriching ways to involve them with growth possibilities is by teaching them to play a musical instrument. And what’s the better musical instrument to learn & play than a guitar

Whether we believe it or not but learning the skill of playing the guitar can be beneficial for your little ones in plenty of ways. If your kid has a knack for learning music from scratch, then the guitar is undoubtedly an excellent choice for them to comprehend. Not only that, but learning guitar can be fun, where kids get the opportunity to discover different styles of playing this instrument, along with learning a varied list of music genres and song combinations in no time. In this article, we are sharing some surprising health benefits of playing the guitar for kids.

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Playing The Guitar For Kids

1) Playing the Guitar Can Improve Memory Skill

Numerous studies have shown that playing the guitar has the capability to improve kids’ grey matter (which makes up the outermost layer of the brain), which results in improving their memory power. While learning to play the guitar, kids have to memorise different chords and patterns, which function as a workout for their brain. If, in case, you think that your kid has a weak memory, encourage them to play the guitar and experience significant improvement in no time.

2) Playing The Guitar Enhances Concentration

Practising the guitar on a regular basis has the power to enhance your little ones’ concentration and attention span. As we all know that learning to play this particular instrument requires adequate focus to become an expert guitarist over some time. The whole process strengthens your kid’s focus habit and helps them concentrate better on their everyday activities too. 

3) It Improves Hand And Eye Coordination

Only reading chords and patterns are not enough to learn to play the guitar like an expert. It is pivotal that kids’ hands should be able to recreate the patterns they learned on the instrument and pluck the right strings to remember it well.

The whole process is only possible when kids’ hands and eyes coordinate with each other and work together like a team. The coordination skills kids learn from playing the guitar will help them process things agreeably and make them better readers.

4) Playing The Guitar Eases The Anxiety

Playing a musical instrument has the ability to kick the anxiety out of the human system. And the guitar is the perfect option for your little ones to beat their anxiety and stress levels. It lets them express their emotions freely, eventually reducing their anxiety and nervous thoughts. 

5) Playing Guitar Boosts Confidence

As your little ones progress in their guitar-playing journey, their confidence also boosts tenfold compared to when they first started playing. Regular practices improve their playing skills and increase the quality of their performance.

Once your kid starts playing better, people will begin praising them for their expressive skills. The activity eventually boosts their confidence and motivates them to perform better in the future.

6) It Strengthens Kids’ Arms

You might hear your kid complain during the initial stage about how much it hurts their arms while practising the guitar. It hurts, undeniably! But as time passes, the hurt & pain in the arms subside too. 

Trust us. This process improves not only your little one guitar playing skills but also flexibility & agility in their hands, especially their fingers. It will make their wrists and shoulder blades strong. If it hurts too much, let them do some easy exercises to ease their pain and strengthen the process.

7) Playing The Guitar Makes Kids Better Listeners

Listening is one of the best traits that can be seen in a strong person. It is pivotal to listen to what others are saying before uttering something out of your mouth. Similarly, listening is a crucial element while learning to play the guitar. 

To improve your skill and play better in the future, record whenever your kids play the guitar and listen to it later on. Make them listen to all their recordings and encourage them to rectify possible mistakes. With consistency and proper assistance, your kids can recognise the chords better by ear. The activity makes their listening skills sharp in the future with regular practice.

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the surprising health benefits of playing the guitar for kids. Music, as we know, is one of the most relaxing therapy that plays a crucial role in kids’ lives to alleviate stress. It has the capability to make them mentally strong and healthy. Moreover, guitar playing helps your kids strengthen their focus skills and improve concentration to a great level.

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