A Guide to Your First Horsebox

If you find yourself in need of a horsebox, you might not have a clear idea of where to begin if it’s your first time. Getting some tips that can change this can make all the difference; however, while you should expect some lessons to be learned through experience, having a good foundational knowledge can lead to a more confident decision.

While there is general guidance that you can follow for help in this area, it’s important to apply your own context and interests to that guidance so that you can end up with a decision that suits you as closely as possible.

How Many Horses?

A good place to start is to examine what you need the horsebox for in the first place. If you’re buying one at all, it might be safe to assume that this is something you’re considering using more than once. However, it could also be that the number of horses you’re planning on needing it for is going to fluctuate. Going bigger than you might immediately need could be the smarter answer in this place, but that obviously comes with more money.

However, if it’s for your own horses that you need to take to and from a similar destination again and again, you might feel more confident in opting for a more compact size that can house the ones you currently have comfortably.

New or Second-Hand?

There are going to be benefits to owning a new horsebox, just as there are benefits to owning a second-hand one. With a new one you are the first owner, and you are likely able to have it customized to your specifications. However, with a second-hand horsebox, you will find that the cost is significantly lower than a brand-new one, though it might not be completely affordable.

Companies like Auto Finance Online can help to match you to direct lenders who specialize in horsebox loans. You just fill in the details of how much you are looking to borrow, and how long for, and within minutes your application is matched to a direct lender, and you will know if you’re approved before you even start shopping for a box. That way you can go looking for the best deals knowing that the finances are already taken care of.


You might then think about how you can make a purchase that’s going to save you as much money in the future as possible. Do you buy to transport more horses than you currently need to? Do you go for a horse box that’s never been used to increase its potential life span? One thing that you could do to make sure it gets plenty of use, if you share a stable with other owners, then offer to rent the box out, particularly if there is another new owner who doesn’t have their own yet. It is a good way to get the most out of your box, and it helps someone else out as well.