Advantages of Betting On Cricket

The sport has the highest success in Britain and its former colonies: Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and South Africa. However, cricket began gaining popularity in other countries. Spectators from all over the world are watching cricket matches, and gamblers make bets on the sport. Let us tell you about the betting on cricket and what makes it so attractive in the eyes of betting fans.

Another thing that makes cricket so special is the number of markets. This is among the sports that will give you the chance to choose from a wide range of betting options. Some gambling websites may provide you with as many markets as the ones you can use for football, which is impressive. Even though you probably won’t take advantage of all of them, the fact that you have more things to choose from makes you more flexible. You can get free cricket prediction tips to improve your betting game. 

Advantages of Betting

  • Plenty of matches. Cricket games take place throughout the year. Therefore, betting on this sport becomes especially popular in the summer, when footballers, basketball players, and hockey players go on break. It is worth mentioning that cricket is played even during the New Year celebrations (December 31 and January 1).
  • Series matches. Cricket games are played very often. Each team plays several games in one week. Thanks to this you can track the form of teams and individual athletes, watch the latest clashes, and analyse statistics.
  • Most importantly, we deal in factual records which can be verified. If a batsman scores 100 – this is verifiable on the scorecard. There is no verifiable source for “bowling speeds”.
  • Big limits. Many websites offer premium cricket match limits that are many times higher than the maximum for betting on prestigious soccer tournaments.
  • A wide line. For international tournaments, bookmakers offer a broad range of extra outcomes. So, in addition to bets on the winner and the number of runs, there can be options for betting on other statistics in the line, both team and individual.
  • No draws. The absence of draws increases the bettor’s chances of winning and making a profit in the long run, since only two outcomes have to be chosen, not three.
  • Undervalued bets. Professional bettors make a profit by betting on the outcomes underestimated by the bookmaker. The chances of finding them in cricket are quite high. The thing is that in this sport the bettors are mainly non-professional. These gamblers are guided not by forecast, but by sympathy, that is, they bet on the victory of their favourite teams, even if they have no chance to win. Because of this, the line of betting options is adjusted, and professionals can find undervalued outcomes with attractive odds.
  • One of the big advantages of betting on cricket is the fact that there will always be something to punt on. If you check this chart with rated cricket betting sites, you will see that pretty much every top-rated gambling site allows users to place bets on cricket. However, some operators pay more attention to this sport, which is why you can find every cricket league in the world. Consequently, there will always be something interesting that you can bet on.

Perhaps the most notable one is that you need to learn a lot of information about the sport, and the best teams.

Unless you live in one of the countries mentioned above, you probably don’t know much about the sport, especially when it comes down to the best performing teams. Sure, you can always place a bet based on the odds, but you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Another con that many people don’t consider when choosing cricket as their go-to option is the lack of a live stream. Even though some betting platforms will allow you to watch some of the hottest cricket matches, most bookmakers either don’t have this feature at all, or it only works for eSports and football. Needless to say, you probably won’t find a specific cricket match on TV (unless you live in India or Pakistan).

  • Low popularity in some countries. In most European and Asian countries cricket is not prevalent. Therefore, for bettors who do not speak English, it will be difficult to find team statistics, news, or expert predictions. Cricket is not very popular because it is quite specific and slow, and its rules are difficult for some people to understand.
  • Long matches. Depending on the type of game, cricket matches can last a very long time (from a few hours to a few days). Fans of betting are often discouraged by such a duration.
  • Few video broadcasts. Broadcasts of some matches are quite difficult to find, but now bookmakers have begun to organize their cricket broadcasts directly on their websites.

Cricket as a sports betting discipline has a lot of advantages. Matches are held throughout the year, played quite often, and bookmakers offer a wide range of betting options and do not burden customers with limits.

However, there are also disadvantages, which are most felt by residents of countries where English is not spoken and cricket is not popular.

People who are tired of betting on football and tennis but are not ready to wager on computer games have many other sports that they can choose from. One of the most popular options in some parts of the world is cricket. This is a sport that has millions of fans in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and several other countries in Asia. Consequently, every top-rated online bookie will allow you to place bets on this sport.

Similar to every other betting option, cricket has its advantages. People who follow this sport up close know about them, but we assume that most punters reading this don’t have a clue. So, check some of the things that you need to consider when choosing this sport.

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