All You Need To Know About The Best Wicket Keepers In Cricket History


Like batting, fielding, and bowling, all of these components are valuable and given significant consideration. Similarly, wicket keeping also a vital role in cricket. History also implies that there have been a large number of wickets taken down by efficient wicket keepers. Not every cricketer can become a perfect wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper position is the most difficult in cricket since so few players have achieved success there. Undoubtedly today’s cricket match highlights have shown us the significance of a wicketkeeper.

So now just have a look at the top 5 Wicket Keepers of all times:-

Adam Gilchrist:-Here we have the Captain of the Australian cricket team, the legendary Adam Gilchrist. Adam is observed as one of the greatest batsmen and wicketkeepers globally. The record for the most dismissals by a wicketkeeper in One Day Internationals is held by Adam Gilchrist. He has secured 32 centuries and 81 half-centuries up till now. His highest ever score 204 runs, not out, which is undoubtedly commendable. He was recognized as the first player ever to hit more than 100 sixes in a test cricket match. This was unquestionably his highest score and set a paramount of acquiring the highest runs by an Australian wicketkeeper.

This list would be incomplete without him. He has won many appreciations and titles in his remarkable journey, such as the Allan Border medal,” World’s Scariest Batsman,” “Wisden Cricketer of the Year,” etc. He is one of only three players who have ever captured three world cups. He was also popularly known as “Gilly.” Gilchrist was an unbelievable explosive batsman also. Whatever he has given to his country was exceptionally wonderful.

Mark Boucher:-

Originating specifically from Cape Town, Mark Boucher has invested 20 years of his career playing for South Africa. He is an eminent wicketkeeper and right-handed batsman also who impressed everyone from the very beginning of his career. He has certainly taken the largest dismissals (998). His best endeavor in an innings emerges in his debut tournament.                      

  Well, to be more specific, both his batsman ship and wicket-keeping abilities have contributed to South Africa’s success helping it to become one of the greatest test teams. He has scored seven centuries and 61 half-centuries up till now. Unquestionably, Boucher was one of the most reliable fielders, and his service to his club was indispensable. Unfortunately, Boucher’s career as a cricket player ended in 2012 when he met with a devastating accident.

MS Dhoni:-

Perhaps one of the most respected names in India, MS Dhoni, and the former Indian Captain, has marked up his name as the best wicketkeeper in IPL. Dhoni has shown his behind-the-stumps fantastic performances with 280 catches and 40 stumps. Moreover, he has also created his name as one of the most successful captains of all time. His strategies and procedures work out quite well for the playing team. India’s 2nd ODI world cup victory of 2011 was Dhoni’s most significant career achievement.

He has never lost hope in his team members and was always lavish on probation. He was the first Indian to hit 200 sixes. Everyone can agree that he is unquestionably the best wicketkeeper the nation has ever produced. There is no denying the value he adds to his squad by wearing the gloves.

Kumar Sangakkara:-

Born in Sri Lanka, he is one of the best cricketers that have ever come across. Kumar It is literally the most for any wicketkeeper internationally. He is also the former Captain of the Sri Lanka team who has always remained calm in the utter pressure being burst onto him. Sangakkara achieved the record of taking the highest number of dismissals in One Day International cricket of all times. He started his career with three test matches and debuted in 2003.

At the World Cup, Sangakkara contributed to 55 wickets in 36 innings behind the stumps, averaging 1.6 dismissals per innings. After retirement from cricket, he entered into politics where he became the Ambassador of the Anti-Narcotics program of Sri Lanka and commentator for the Champions Trophy and IPL.

Ian Healy:-

Adding more on to the list we have another amazing Australian player with us. When the Australian teams were having struggles getting back on the top field Healy played a vital role in its revival internationally. His debut was held in Karachi, Pakistan. As a middle-order batsman, he was also able to amass considerable runs while flashing his blade. Even facing quick bowlers and before spinners, he has turned his face behind the stumps and was always optimistic.

The great spinner Shane Warne also stated him as the greatest Wicket Keeper he had ever seen in his cricket times. He has recorded more than 5000 runs in his international career while scoring 4 centuries and 26 half-centuries in his name. From his debut in the year 1988 to 1999, Healy was the first wicketkeeper to achieve more than 650 dismissals. Owing to his mind-blowing performance in his Test career, he is also referred to being called as “Heals”. He is still regarded by a lot of people as one of the most well-liked cricket players in history.

So these are our rising stars on the cricket field showing their utter potential as wicketkeepers. They do not keep starring as wicket-keepers but also they have a good grasp on batting, bowling, etc. Nobody could compete with these highly efficient men of all times. Also, the job of wicket keeping is not that easy, you have to be extremely aware and require high speed for that kind of skill otherwise there won’t be enough time left for a stumping. Even after their retirement, they will be remembered for their remarkable history. With the players mentioned in this list, cricket players will always be a source of inspiration and motivation for the youth of the world. You can also refer to latest cricketing news to gain more insights about such players.

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