Antoaneta Stefanova’s Educational Background in Chess


Antoaneta Stefanova is a Bulgarian chess Grandmaster who has studentsgroom achieved international success. She was the Women’s World Chess Champion from 2004 – 2006, and she is the only Bulgarian to ever hold the title. Stefanova began her chess education at the age of six, when she was taught the game by her father. She quickly carzclan developed a passion for the game, and by the age of eight she was competing in tournaments. At the age of eleven, Stefanova was awarded the FIDE International Master title, making her the youngest ever to earn this distinction. In 1996, she qualified for the Women’s World Chess Championship and was awarded the Women’s Grandmaster title. A year later, she won the World Junior Chess Championship and was given the title of Grandmaster. Stefanova’s successes continued, as she won numerous tournaments, including the European Women’s Championship (2000), the World Women’s Team Championship (2001), and the European Women’s Team Championship (2001). In 2004, Stefanova Tamil Dhool became the Women’s World Chess Champion and held the title until
1. Stefanova continues to be active in the chess world today, competing in international tournaments and coaching aspiring players. She is an inspiration to many, having achieved international success and recognition through her dedication and hard work. This game is widely considered a classic of the game, as it featured a brilliant combination by Stefanova that led to a decisive victory. In 2001, Stefanova pulled off a spectacular upset at the FIDE Women’s World Championship. She defeated the reigning champion and tournament favorite Xie Jun protect palompon of China in the final round, thus clinching her first title. In 2004, Stefanova won the Women’s World Chess Championship for the second time. aditianovit

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