Are You Getting Started With iMovie? Here’s a Beginner’s Guide

The rise of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos has put the spotlight on video creation. Business owners and creators are feeling the pressure to upload entertaining and engaging videos.

For Mac users, iMovie is one of the best tools to edit your videos. Handling this tool doesn’t require you to have a professional video editing or video production background.

iMovie helps video creators cut video clips and create them into cohesive projects. The best part about this tool is it comes free with Macs. Moreover, you can quickly convert the files to MP4 before uploading them to YouTube, Instagram, or other platforms. With this guide, you will quickly learn how to navigate iMovie to get started on creating professional-quality videos.

What is The iMovie Application, and Does it Work on PCs?

iMovie is a non-linear editor that seamlessly allows users to edit and cut music, videos, and graphics without changing the original files. The app is a powerful tool for video creators and filmmakers.

This app is preferred over Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro because iMovie is free, and other editors cost a fortune. Also, iMovie is a fantastic app for beginners to try their hand at video editing.

The app is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed with the average user in mind. With a bit of practice, you can create professional-looking videos using this tool.

However, unfortunately, iMovie only works with Apple products. It comes in-built with Macs, and iPad/iPhone users can install the app by going to the App Store. Unfortunately, you cannot use this tool on a Windows computer.

Can You Convert iMovie Files to MP4?

Yes, you can convert iMovie files to MP4. When you have finished editing your video, the app will save the files in MOV by default, but you can convert the file format according to your requirements.

Here’s how to convert iMovie to MP4:

Open your iMovie Projects > select Create New > Movie > drag and drop the video or import it using the Upload button. Then, do your magic and edit the video. Once you have finished editing the video, you can export the edited file as MP4 and upload it on your preferred platforms.

How to Launch iMovie?

On Macs, the app comes pre-installed, and there are different ways to launch it.

  • From the Dock, click Finder > Applications > iMovie. Alternatively, you can press Command + Spacebar to launch Spotlight Search and type iMovie.
  • On your Mac’s trackpad, use the pinch-in with five fingers gesture. You will view the launchpad and then search for the iMovie application to launch it.
  • The app icon will be seen on the Dock. Click the icon to open the application.

How To Split a Video?

The video clips you have shot may have bits that will not look great in the final movie. That’s why it is essential to make cuts in the video clips. It is simple to split video clips in iMovie.

Place the mouse cursor on the video clip where you want to split. To bring up the menu, right-click on the clip and choose Split clip. Now, your video clip will be split into two, and you can make as many splits as you want.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Command + B to split a clip by placing the mouse cursor where you want the cut.

Steps to Trim your Videos in iMovie

Is the added video files too long, or do they have content that you do not want others to see? The solution is to trim the clip. You can do this by selecting the video file from My Media > dragging it to the Project timeline of the app’s editing interface. Here, you can edit and trim the videos.

You can choose the starting or the end of the clip to trim it. Then, click and drag the slider to trim the Urdughr video clip.

Can You Combine Multiple Files?

Yes, you can combine several files when editing on iMovie. You can combine them in the Project timeline. Choose the clips you want to combine from My Media > drag and drop them to the Project timeline. All the clips will appear next to each other in the timeline.

Then, you can add transitions between two clips to combine them seamlessly. You can even leave them the way they are, and it will play as a continuous clip.

Besides these, you can add transitions between clips, change the speed of the clips, add text, and more.

The Bottom Line

Mastering iMovie takes a bit of practice. But once you get the hang of this app, you can create amazing videos to impress your audience. So open your Mac, launch the iMovie app, and edit your video clips to make a beautiful movie that can be posted across your favorite online channels.