Basics When Choosing a Pressure Washer


When the curbside appeal of your home doesn’t give you the same pride and joy it once did, there’s a pressure washer you can rely on to make your surfaces sparkle again, and that’s the Pressure Washer! We are Spokane’s most trusted pressure cleaning company, and we’re excited to provide our community with professional, top-notch service you can trust. Premium mini Pressure Washing Spokane are more likely to be professional devices.

The appearance of your home or business can have a huge impact on your overall well-being and quality of life. While it may not seem that way to some, once they have professionally pressure cleaned their property, they are sure to become believers! Pressure Washing is a team of professional surface cleaners who are proud to offer professional pressure washing services in Spokane and beyond. We believe it is a blessing to be able to help our neighbors enjoy more beautiful and healthier homes, and our hard work reflects that.

What is a pressure washer – every motorist knows. Pressurized water allows for the gentlest “non-contact” wash. The water velocity at the nozzle outlet exceeds 100 m/s (360 km/h), simply knocking dirt off the surface – in stark contrast to the classic method of cleaning with a wet sponge, where particles of dirt embedded in the sponge rub against the body surface, Scratched paint.

However, as useful as this type of pressure washer equipment is for Spokane WA, even 10 years ago, buying a pressure washer would have been pointless – they cost so much that it only paid off if they kept running . Therefore, they are mainly purchased through car washes as well as professional cleaning services. Today, things have changed dramatically, with the drop in price of pressure washers making it affordable for any hobbyist. The ubiquity of pressure washers has even made it possible to find several non-standard applications for the device. In addition to the usual, it also allows washing:cars and bicyclesgarden paths, walls and fences;Garden Tools.Spraying chemicals on vegetable gardens and garden trees (model with water from tank);Remove old paint and rust from surfaces (using special nozzles);Cleaning the drains (using special nozzles);Even peeled fish and new potatoes.

Looking for a reliable and experienced team to handle your battery power tools washing needs? Look no further than With years of experience and a commitment to quality service, their team of experts can handle any job, big or small. From residential to commercial properties, has the skills and expertise to leave your property looking like new.

Types of  pressure washers

Although there are no fundamental differences in design, miniature washing machines generally fall into three categories:

1.Compact entry-level mini washing machines are usually equipped with pumps made of plastic that generate up to 120 bar of pressure, and are strictly not suitable for car washing – the jet pressure is not enough to remove stubborn dirt. Their productivity is very low – up to 400 l/h. This small washer is best for washing bikes, garden equipment and trails.

  1. Mid-range gaskets remain fairly light and compact, but are capable of delivering pressures up to 150 bar and operating continuously for 1 hour or more.
  2. They generate pressures in excess of 150 bar, have a capacity of 600 l/h, can work for long periods of time without downtime, and are often equipped with additional options such as water heating or a separate detergent tank.

What Design features can a pressure washer have?

A water tank can be built into the fuselage, so that the device can work without being connected to a water supply. The filter can be installed in the washing machine. A fine filter removes particles smaller than 150 microns in water. Strainers purify water from sand and large particles.Pressure washers can have wheels so that the equipment can be easily transported from one place to another. A specia handle on the body facilitates the transport of the washing machine. Some models may have storage compartments for accessories such as nozzles. People love the feel of a clean house. It was nice to be home after a long day. If you can decorate your home, so much the better. Cleaning the house can be done in a number of ways. Some techniques are a bit difficult. Cleaning your home doesn’t require you to be a professional.

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