Best 3 AVI converters:


Video and audio files can be stored together as an AVI file, officially known as Audio Video Interleaved. It’s a file format for coordinating audio and video. Video files are compressed using a lossy approach, resulting in a high compression level.

However, despite the poor video quality, it is typically used to store various types of visual data, including Television and movie clips, on media CDs. Their vast size makes sharing or downloading AVI files through email or the network challenges.

The easiest way to use your AVI videos for animations and information is to convert them to GIFs. In terms of the best AVI converter, there needs to know how to convert AVI to GIF with the help of an online application. The best three as given below:


EZGIF is a remarkable AVI to GIF converter that allows you to convert AVI to GIF virtually free of charge. Additionally, it also permits flipping videos, trimming videos, rewinding tapes, editing videos, compressing videos, adjusting video rates, muting videos, uniting videos, dividing videos, conversion of videos to Jpeg, converting GIFs to mp4, and much more.

Select the file you want to publish from your computer by clicking the Choose File button, and then you may instantly convert AVI to GIF in a flash. EZGIF users can upload video files via URL links from their PCs, especially smartphones and other online mediums.

It makes optimizing video files for backgrounds that are always the same. The maximum file size that may be uploaded with this program is 120 megabytes. The rate of the transition dramatically depends on the connection of the internet.

2. Convertio:

Convertio is an all-encompassing converter that will guide you in converting AVI to GIF files. It is available without any cost, and it is easy to use. It offers the conversion of audio, photos, fonts, documents, eBooks, presentations, and other forms.

It permits you to download AVI files from your computer system, Dropbox, Google Drive, alternatives like this software, or URLs. In all, it facilitates the conversion of more than 200 categories. In addition, it functions as a video cutter, video compressor, video creator, and video resizer, which will assist you in improving the quality of your films and efficiently.

3. com:

The website offers excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff members who respond quickly to any inquiries regarding conversions. To have accessibility to the file transfer facilities, you don’t need to join up and set up an account.

Both the Mac and Windows operating systems make it simple to access. It lets you pick the AVI files to be converted into GIF files by dragging and dropping them. offers at least 200 distinct file types.


An Internet connection is required for online alternatives to be simple and efficient. But if you want to transform a portion of a video into Gifs, the video file can be too large for a webpage to process. Utilizing offline software is preferable because it can’t share your data with anybody else.

Choose intelligently after considering all of the above information. As a result, we conclude that it is better and easier to convert AVI to GIF and share productive work in a short period and your insightful wisdom with the world.