Best Brokerage Accounts For Beginners In 2022


The best changes the internet has made to the world of investing are online stock brokers. Due to their low cost and availability of many educational resources, online stock brokers are ideal for beginning investors. The main problem is the wide variety of available online stock brokers. Which is best for you, and how do you decide? The list below includes a quick summary of the best brokerage accounts. This article will help you identify an online stock broker best equipped to help you meet your investment goals.

How do stock brokers operate?

Buying and selling securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) on behalf of clients is the responsibility of a stockbroker, who is a financial specialist. A stock broker is a middleman to handle transactions on the investor’s behalf. The majority of the time, a stockbroker manages transactions for several clients while working for a brokerage firm. Institutions, such as businesses or organizations, or individual investors may be clients. For each transaction they oversee, they typically receive a commission.

What is the precise necessity for a stock broker?

Although you can purchase securities directly from a public company, doing it through a stock broker is much simpler. A stock broker also provides additional protection for the investor and the company. Stock brokers investigate the credibility of the business you’re buying from. They will also look into a potential investor’s past conduct and criminal history (i.e., organised crime or terrorism).

10 Best Online Stock Brokers For Beginners

Here is the list of the ten best brokerage accounts for beginners.

  1. eToro
  3. eOption
  4. Cap Trader
  5. Interactive Brokers
  6. Revolut
  7. SoFi Invest
  8. M1 Finance
  9. Wealthsimple
  10. Fidelity

Why are these stock brokers appropriate for new investors?

You don’t need to deposit money when opening an account with any of the following online brokers because they all have $0 minimum account balance requirements. Additionally, they don’t charge commission fees while trading stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These online brokers offer low prices in addition to training materials or user-friendly trading systems tailored to novice investors.

eToro USA Review Summary 2022

eToro is a well-known social trading firm from Israel that was founded in 2007. Services from the eToro cryptocurrency exchange are available in 140 nations, including the US. More than 40 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO, XTZ, and others, are available for trading on eToro. For purchasing or selling crypto assets on eToro, a fee of 1% is levied as part of the exchange’s fixed costs.

Deposit fees, fees for using internal news resources, and other non-trading fees are not levied by eToro. Only transactions to the exchange’s cryptocurrency wallet, eToro Money, are subject to fees. Additionally, traders have access to ready-made portfolios and duplicate trading services. Users can read the eToro USA review and test using the trading interface before beginning to trade with eToro.

Pros and cons of eToro

Opening an account with eToro is quick and easy, and they offer commission-free stock trading. It contains cutting-edge features like social trading, which enables you to mimic other traders’ techniques. On the downside, eToro charges high non-trading costs, such as those for withdrawals and inactivity. The only currency you may hold your money in is the USD, and leaves might be cumbersome. Finally, getting in touch with customer service is challenging.


  • Free trading of stocks and ETFs
  • Simple account creation
  • Trading online


  • Low non-trading fees; Cons
  • Customer service needs to be enhanced
  • Only one base currency per account


It would be best if you refrained from entering the stock market haphazardly. As many other people have learned firsthand the hard way in the past, it’s simple to lose all of your investment money. Education needs to be your top focus if you purchase your first stock. Ensure you know the stock market and acquire the necessary instruments. Creating a demo account and using it to trade stocks for a while is also brilliant.

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