Best Career Options for Music Lovers


So, you have a real passion and absolutely love music? Have you ever considered making it a full-time career? Most people don’t realise that the music industry can be quite fruitful financially. You just need to know what about the industry excites you and what you want to do with your professional career.

Regardless of if you want to sing your heart out in front of a large audience or you have a knack for playing different musical instruments, there is a career for you. Just look at these three great options to choose from.


Some people fear public areas where they might have to sing or play in front of thousands of people. In this case, pursuing a career as a teacher can be quite fulfilling. The job will require you to specialise in at least one instrument. The more instruments that you can learn to play, the better. The most popular classes that people will pay a professional teacher for are piano, guitar, and violin.

Being a teacher brings a lot of job satisfaction, which is important to many people. Especially if you love to show people things and you want to teach them to hone their musical skills. What’s great about this profession is that you can freelance and create your own working hours.


All artists need a place to practice their music and record their sound. A music producer with their own studio is always in demand because recording equipment is expensive and takes up a lot of physical space. If assisting other artists put an album together sounds interesting to you, then consider working towards opening your studio.

This type of career is often reliant on word of mouth, so the better impression you make on your clients, the bigger that client base will grow. Be sure to research what equipment you need and how much it will cost. at the very minimum, you need sturdy hardware such as these music production laptops that are designed specifically to run music-producing software. You will also need ample speakers, sufficient microphones, and a large office to house all the equipment.


Many people would love to sing but just don’t have the confidence or voice to make beautiful sounds. Many famous artists will employ the services of a songwriter to come up with catchy lyrics that fans will be singing for years to come. In fact, the majority of the songs you hear on the radio weren’t written by the people singing them. If you have a creative side and you have no problem putting words together then maybe songwriting is your ideal career choice.

You will be able to work with musicians and other artists to come up with the perfect lyrics to match their melodies. The average salary for a songwriter in Canada starts at $30,000, but the more experience and clientele you have, the higher the salary that you can look forward to.

Being a part of the music industry can be rather enjoyable. Not only will you have the chance to travel internationally, but you will also meet a lot of people that can help you further your music career.