Best jobs for introverts


Having a job that aligns with your personality means being very lucky nowadays because most people suffer at the workplace because of feeling uncomfortable. If you consider yourself an introvert, it means you generally avoid social interactions. But fortunately, there are many careers that are suitable for introverts, ones in which they can feel comfortable. 

1. Web developer

These people do some programming to develop a website. The job is in-demand, trendy, and very well paid. There is an opportunity to work remotely or to do some freelance: as you see, not many social interactions are needed. If you are passionate about coding and love bringing new ideas to life, this can be a good choice for you. These people create a website for companies of different domains like e-commerce development or image editing. 

2. Social media manager

Social media managers are in charge of the social media accounts of the company. They do all the posting, create content for the social media accounts and keep in touch with clients online in case they need some answer to their inquiries or need some help. These people sometimes do the customer service associate job too by being there for clients whenever they need them. However, some leading companies implement such tools as website chatbot and ads managers to make their job easier. 

This job also does not require much interaction with people and can be done remotely, so you may also consider SMM if you are not into socializing much. 

3. Content writers

Creating a website for businesses cannot get by without a content writer. These specialists are writing pros. By choosing the best words, they represent the product to the customers and make it appealing to them with words. Content writers are responsible for anything connected with texts: editing, proofreading, writing subtitles for the videos, etc. 

It is true that with the development of technology, many leading companies have implemented artificial intelligence to write content for their websites. But it is fair to say that the job of content writers is not in danger of being given entirely to robots because artificial intelligence is smart, but it is still software. And content writing needs creativity, which can be provided only by humans. So, if you are good with essays and texts, this job is strictly for you because the socializing for this position is reduced to a minimum. 

4. Architect

Independency is at the core of the work of these specialists. As architects design and plan houses and structures, they spend a lot of time working on their own. In case you have some drawing, creative and problem-solving skills, this job might suit you, as it is done mainly in isolation. The communication for this job is limited to meeting with clients and interacting with people during the construction. 


As you see, there are a bunch of jobs that introverts can feel comfortable doing without stress and anxiety. But the most important thing is the fact that being an introvert is not wrong or right: it is simply a personality that points to one’s uniqueness. 

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