Best New World Weapon Build


Here are some of the best weapons builds that could help you progress, whether PvP or PvE.

New World is an MMO with an intuitive character-building system, weapons, and skills. New World offers a flexible customization system that encourages players to try out different builds for their character to see what the best option is for them. As with other MMOs, some builds are more optimal for your content progression or PvP. Some builds fit right at home with specific playstyles. 

The game has only been out recently, and its vast build customization offers players a lot of choices, which means there is a possibility that there are stronger builds out there for players to discover

New World’s Weapons 

In MMOs, weapons are an essential part of the journey. They have a variety of uses, but they are mainly used to kill enemies and protect yourself. MMOs often have multiple weapon types available, with each of the weapon types having different tiers among them. 

New World items offer several weapons for the player to choose from. Weapons in New World can be obtained in several ways: through crafting, quest rewards from enemies and bosses, or found by looting chests and containers. We can classify these weapons into four categories: One-handed weapons, Two-handed weapons, Ranged weapons, and Magical Weapons. 

One-handed Weapons: Sword (used in tandem with a shield), Hatchet, Rapier

Two-handed Weapons: Great Axe, War Hammer, Spear

Ranged Weapons: Bow, Musket

Magical Weapons: Void Gauntlet, Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Life Staff

Best Weapon Build to Try

Each weapon in New World has its customization system that allows players to choose from different playstyles. The weapons have a skill tree that displays the weapon’s skills, passives, and perks. A character has two weapon slots available for use, presenting more building options. Each weapon build will have its use, even if some require more New World Coin to acquire than most. You can define your gameplay based on what you want to do through your weapon build. While you can freely explore different builds, there will be builds that prove to be more powerful than most.

The Musket and Rapier 

Muskets are strong ranged weapons that can deal heavy amounts of damage. Its only drawback is its reload, which can be improved through perks and skills. Its main draw is its offensive power, but it has some utility and crowd control options. It is best paired with a Rapier. The Rapier, like the Musket, deals tons of damage to enemies. It has a good mix of utility skills as well.

The Musket and Rapier build provides the best damage capabilities for your character. Both weapons can already deal significant damage with their skills and perks. While the Musket is the primary weapon used to deal damage while keeping a relatively safe distance, the Rapier provides strong damage when caught in a frontal assault. It also offers good defensive capabilities by providing some evasion.

The attribute distribution for this build requires a lot of Dexterity to keep the damage up while investing in Constitution for a bit of defense. The player should maintain a light rating for their gear, making your dodge a quick roll that covers a good amount of distance and gives you a 20% damage bonus.  The attributes at a max level should be like this:

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 300

Intelligence: 5

Focus: 5

Constitution: 150

This build requires the player to take the following skills in the Musket trees:

Powder Burn – Causes your next shot to deal 110% damage and cause a 20% weapon damage burn to the target. This skill should be fully upgraded to extend the duration to 12 seconds if the shot is a headshot and give standard musket shots more damage when hitting burning targets.

Shooter’s Stance – Enter a crouching stance that boosts shot damage by 100% and reduces reload time by 75% at the cost of mobility. Fully upgrade the skill for more utility.

Sticky Bomb – Throw a bomb that sticks to anything it touches, staggers and damages enemies after a delay in a three-meter radius. Suitable for utility and damage. No need to upgrade.

The player should invest all other points in getting all the passives in the Sharpshooter tree and the Empowering Weakness, Back it Up, and Salt on the Wounds passive in the Trapper Tree. 

For the Rapier trees, this is what it should have:

Evade – Perform a quick sidestep in your current movement direction. This cancels any activity while providing very brief invulnerability. This is the primary defensive skill. The player should fully upgrade this skill for increased utility.

Fleche – Lunge forward 10m, piercing through enemies. An excellent mobility skill that deals damage. Fully upgrade to enable stopping the ability with a light attack. 

Tondo – Slash quickly towards a direction up to five meters. This skill applies to bleed damage that stacks up to three times. Great talent for dealing damage in close quarters. Fully upgrade to increase effectiveness, especially in 1v1 situations.

In this build, the player should take all the passives available in the Grace Tree except Controlled Breathing and Perfectionist, while in the Blood Tree, take the Engarde and Refreshing Strikes passive. As for gems, the Musket should be equipped with a Ruby gem while the Rapier gets an Aquamarine gem. Equip all your remaining gear, amulets, and rings with Onyx gems. 

Overall, this build provides ridiculous damage, enabling you to tear through enemies fast, giving you more time to farm those New World gold coins and items. It also requires more time to master since you need to aim and dodge well. Try out this build and test how well it works for you. Practice with it and enjoy playing New World!