Blog 15- Different Bed Types To Fit Every Any Style


Gone are the days when the bed was just a piece of furniture to use for resting. With the advancement in designs, many are unaware of the variety of bed options available even in a single bed. So, the next time you are in the market to buy a new bed, never settle for a simple one. We have listed here some of the trending bed types that not just add charm to your room with their appearance, but it’s functional and convenient too.

1. Twin bed:

A twin bed is the smallest one in the market. This type of bed is ideal when you have a small room for your kid or it’s used for single sleepers. It’s a piece of great space-saving furniture.

2. King and queen bed:

When one thinks about double bed price, the first thing to be considered is the size. While a king -size bed is the widest in the market, this is a great pick for single sleepers who need a lot of space on the bed, or for couples with kids and pets. The queen-size bed also gives plenty of space for single sleepers and works ideal for couples. It is also a great fit in the master bedroom.

3. Day bed:

The day bed is a more elegant version of the futon. This is a versatile kind of bed type as it can be used as a bench, a sofa, or a bed. Since it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is a great fit for almost every house. It is ideal for the modern office, guest room, patios, as well as home office space.

4. Futon bed:

Similar to a day bed, a futon bed works as a couch in the daytime and a bed during the night. This Japanese-style bed works perfectly for small rooms and houses where cluttering is easy to happen. Since it’s easy to fold, it is handy and can be stored or placed in any or every room.

5. Contemporary canopy bed:

The modern version of a canopy bed, a contemporary canopy bed comes with a very thin frame and is made with different materials to match one’s style. Why this style of bed is famous and trending is because of its versatile design to fit any kind of room. Also, it adds height to the smallest of rooms. Thus, having this kind of bed means your room will look large.

6. Bookcase bed:

However cliché it may sound to have shelves on the headboard of the bed, such a bed is ideal for people who love to have a good read before goodnight’s sleep. It is also a nice pick if you have a small kid to handle. Such a shelf helps in keeping the kids’ nitty-gritty they would need during the night. Thus, it makes it handy and accessible.

7. Convertible bed:

If you love multifunctional furniture, going for the convertible bed is a must-have for you. While they are sofas at first glance, they can be converted into a bed, and vice versa. Pretty much versatile, this sofa cum bed can fit in any space and is a study masterpiece.

8. Four-poster bed:

Four-poster beds are one of the traditional kinds of beds that have distinct posts that rise from all four corners of the bed. What makes this bed unique is the height of the posts which is like an eye-catchy addition to a larger bedroom.

So, the next time you plan to buy a bed, refer to this guide to help yourself in making the right decision. Once you have chosen the bed type, make sure to get the right mattress.