Casino Bonus Types You Should Be Familiar With


Casino bonuses are common in online casino games. They are given to players as incentives and as a marketing strategy. Whether you sign up for a new account or have been a loyal customer, casinos provide several opportunities for bonuses to all customers. You can only withdraw your bonus after meeting the wagering requirement. Every gambler should be familiar with the following types of casino bonuses:

Sign up bonus

An online casino sign up bonus is also called a welcome bonus. It is one of the most popular types of online casino bonuses. It is given after you complete the signup process for a new account. Each casino is different and offers a different type of sign up bonus. Since this bonus is only given to new players, you should find out the amount of bonus the casino is giving before you sign up.

Deposit bonus

The difference between a signup and a deposit bonus is that the latter is given to both new and existing players. Sometimes it is called a match-up bonus because it matches your deposit. Sometimes you get your deposit multiplied by 2, 3, or more times. The amount of deposit bonus you get in one casino differs from what you get in another. Before you decide on the website you will be playing online casino games, confirm the amount of deposit bonus you can get.

No deposit bonus

If you want to make quick money in an online casino, think of a no-deposit bonus. The online casino will not require you to make any deposit to get the bonus. You only have to do an action such as sign up. There are conditions that you have to fulfill before you are allowed to withdraw your no-deposit bonus.

Free spins

Free spins are common promotions given to slot game players. The casino can offer you 50, 100, or sometimes 200 free spins as a bonus. Not every slot machine will give you free spins. If you don’t use your bonus within the time given, you risk losing it.

Loyalty bonus

A loyalty bonus is not given to everyone but only to those customers who have used the products of the specific casino for some time. The bonus can be in terms of an opportunity to become a VIP member without the need to pay fees.

Cash back bonus

A cashback bonus is given to encourage you to continue playing after losing your bet. You might keep placing several bets but keep losing in each. Instead of the casino letting you give up and stop betting, they give you a cashback bonus to help you recover your losses.

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