Detailed Answers How Long Does 1 Half of Soccer Last?


How long does a football half last is a question that receives great attention from many players at game portal New888. To answer the details and policies for bettors, we have compiled and shared in the following article, please refer to it now!

Answers How long does 1 half of soccer last?

It can be seen that, besides the eye-catching competitions, select is an indispensable spice for players to watch dramatic and intense matches. If you are wondering how long a soccer half lasts, don’t miss the following answer to have an accurate select strategy:

Playing time is 1 round with a field of 11 people

In fact, there is no need to mention too much, all information about the starting lineup and playing time is already very familiar to everyone. Accordingly, every soccer match with 11 players will be divided into 2 halves and the duration of each half will be 45 minutes.

In particular, after 1 half, the players will have a short period of time to rest and start playing for the second match. In the first half, if a player commits a foul, is injured or changes players, the time will be up. Additional minutes will be added to the corresponding time. Besides, in tense and inconclusive knockout matches, you will have 2 extra periods lasting about 30 minutes.

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How long is 1 half of soccer with a field of 7 people?

Even though the team has only 7 people, the match is still divided into 2 halves and the competition time will usually be based on age to divide. Bettors should follow the following information to answer the question of how long a football half lasts:

  • Children’s age: With a 7-person match, the playing time for each round usually only lasts about 20 minutes.
  • Teenagers and older: Playing time in the first half only fluctuates around 25 minutes for this age group.

In addition, the players will also have a 10-minute break at halftime. Please understand this information to apply to each appropriate match.

How long is a soccer half with a 5-player field?

According to regulations, the official playing time of each soccer half with 5 players is 20 minutes, with a break in between about 15 minutes. So you’ve been answered how long does a football half last? Continue to find answers to frequently asked questions in the next section!

Football match time FAQs

The following are regulations on time in football competitions in some specific cases, please refer to them immediately:

What is the extra time of the match?

After the end of the official match time, the referee will be the one to decide how long extra time lasts. Normally, extra time of soccer matches will range from 1 – 10 minutes. In addition, the referee will also consider cases such as the ball going out of bounds, changing players, injuries, etc. to add extra time.

Regulations on consultation time?

In addition to how long a football half lasts, the regulation on time-out time for each team also receives great attention. Accordingly tDuring each football match, teams only have one time to consult and get opinions within 1 minute. However, coaches who want to be consulted must meet the following specific conditions:

  • The team is only allowed to conduct a conference call while controlling the ball such as: Right to take a free kick or throw-in,…
  • Only the Coach has the right to request a time-out, and the secretary will clock in exactly 1 minute at any given time. However, coaches who want to give feedback can only stand on the edge of the first row of substitute players.
  • According to regulations, 1 minute of time-out will be converted into 1 minute of overtime at the end of the half.

How long does extra time last?

In cases of direct competition, if after the official 90 minutes the result between the two teams is still a draw, 2 extra periods will be held. According to regulations, each extra period will be 15 minutes to determine the final victory. If at the end of 30 minutes there is still no winner, players from both teams will proceed to a dramatic penalty shootout.


Above is general information specific to the question of how long a soccer half lasts that players should not ignore. Besides, the article also gives you answers to questions related to competition time. Those of you who are looking for knowledge to increase your winning rate when select can refer to the NEW88 homepage for more information!

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