Different Types Of Glass Used By Commercial Glass Installation


As a building material, glass is almost indispensable. It is used for residential buildings, commercial buildings and even industrial buildings. Glass is also used extensively in both the aviation and the automobile industry, so it is a very important material. However, glass installation is a delicate matter. You need the right experts to give you excellent service and this is why Glass Express is your best choice. The experts in this firm have both the experience and the competence to give you excellent glass installation and repair. They are familiar with different types of glass, and they know exactly how to handle each one. Below are some types of glass and their qualities.

Annealed Glass

This is one of the most common types of glass out there. It is used in most cases for doors and windows, and it lets in light into homes and offices. Experts in glass installation will tell you that annealed glass is the minimum standard for glass but there are other varieties out there. Annealed glass is strong and budget-friendly. It gives you superior visibility and it is available in both transparent and opaque forms. One disadvantage of this type of glass is that it breaks into large and irregular shapes, so it is not ideal for situations where safety is an important factor.

Toughened Glass

This type of glass is also called safety glass. Technically, safety glass is annealed glass that that has been heated and cooled to make it much more durable. Toughened glass is five times stronger than annealed glass and it is the best option in places that require structural strength. Toughened glass is safe and heat-resistant. It comes in both opaque and different tones. The only drawback is that it cannot be cut once it has been produced.

Laminated Glass

Some experts call this class the budget-friendly version of toughened glass. This is because laminated glass has many of the qualities of toughened glass, but it does not cost as much as toughened glass. Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of glass. These sheets are permanently adhered together, and this makes the glass resistant to impact. Among other qualities, this glass gives you sound insulation, high security and resistance to UV rays. The only disadvantage is that this glass can be very hard to break in an emergency situation.

Tinted Glass

This is one of the most popular forms of glass out there. Unlike the plain glasses, tinted glasses have colors, and this is usually done during the manufacturing stage. These glasses reduce glare and heat from the sun. Tinted glasses are popular in hot and sunny areas, and they are used in both residential and commercial buildings. Among other benefits, tinted glasses offer you privacy and protection from UV rays.

Wired Glass

You can call this glass high security glass and you won’t be far from the truth. Wired glass is ideal for banks and financial institutions because it prevents break ins. In addition, this type of glass is also used extensively in fire escape routes and skylights. It has a wire mesh embedded in the glass and it prevents the glass from falling in case of a fire outbreak. It is resistant to heat, and it offers protection from intruders. The disadvantages of this glass include the fact that the sharp wire may cause injuries if it is exposed. Again, wired glass obstructs visibility and the wire can rust if it is exposed to high levels of moisture and humidity.

Double Glazing

If you want greater control over the amount of heat going in and out though your glass, the double-glazed glass is perfect for you. As the name suggests, this glass consists of two layers of glass. The space between both layers is filled with air or argon gas then it is sealed. That gap between the two glass panels reduces both heat and thermal conductivity. Double glazed glass offers you excellent insulation. It also reduces energy costs, minimizes noise and reduces condensation. The only disadvantage is that this glass is quite expensive.

Frosted Glass

This glass is used in both commercial and residential buildings. It comes in a variety of styles, and it has a number of advantages. Frosted glass is easy to clean, provides privacy and improves natural light. Frosted glass is a wonderful alternative to fancy curtains and window blinds. Once you have this installed, you may not need blinds for your windows. It is usually made from annealed glass or toughened glass so it likely to have the disadvantages of these two types of glass.

Low E Glass

In this era of smart homes and energy conservation, low E glass is the right choice for most people. This glass comes with a microscopic metallic coating that serves to minimize the movement of cold or heat through the glass. This makes your home or office more energy efficient. This glass can be used with both double-glazed and laminated types, so this gives you two viable options.

When it comes to choosing your glass, you have many options. Go for the one that suits both your taste and your budget and always patronize competent professionals for glass installation.

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