Do You Know About URL Shortening Work?

URL Shortening allows you to make a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) shorter while still directing visitors to the desired page. URL shortening works by using a redirect which links to the long URL in an alternative location. This redirect link then enables users to see the long URL and can be used for marketing purposes. This article will explain how URL shortening works and which method is most effective. This article will also discuss the pros and cons of URL shortening and the advantages of each.


In 2009, Bitly was founded, and it rose to fame as the official ย่อลิงค์ service of Twitter, the world’s most popular microblogging social network. After Twitter launched its own URL shortening service in late 2010, Bitly remained atop the industry. Now, Bitly is the largest link-sharing service on the internet, serving around 80 million new links daily and receiving upwards of eight billion clicks each month.

The Bitly service is free to use and has a number of features, including a free account with a custom domain. The Bitly Basic plan offers up to 1,500 links per month, free url shortening, and analytics. It also has unbranded QR codes for easy sharing with others. Although Bitly’s free account isn’t the most convenient, it can still be very helpful in many instances.


T2M is an extremely powerful tool for creating shortened URLs. Apart from generating short URLs, it also lets you create QR codes, password-protected links, and more. This service also allows you to track each click on the shortened URLs and provides comprehensive analytics reports. It is easy to organize your URLs into campaigns with the help of T2M. The short URL generator also allows you to mark links with your brand colors and create custom base domains. You can also customize your short URLs with custom base domains and redirects, as well as view detailed analytics and track engagement.

T2M is a cloud-based เว็บย่อลิงค์ platform that helps businesses create custom short URLs. These branded short URLs have their own domains, so you can add them to your website or blog. You can also keep track of how many clicks your short URLs have received in a single month, yearly, or daily basis. In addition to its powerful tool, T2M also provides countless personalized domains, vanity URLs, and branded URLs. T2M has a dedicated support team to help you set up and manage your T2M URL shortening service.


URL shorteners, like, can give you the ability to track link performance. However, they don’t offer branded URLs. The built-in redirect feature does not allow you to track your own links. This tool will redirect users to the file name you enter for the shortened link. However, they do have useful features for advertisers. The data they provide can help you optimize your ad campaigns and optimize your ad services.

Both Bitly and BLINK offer Short URL, but ClickMeter is more sophisticated. Its URL shortener integrates with its own click-rate optimization tool, which is great for advertisers who want to track the effectiveness of their links. However, it’s worth noting that Bitly’s basic tier only allows for 1,000 links per domain, and its premium plans start at $12/month for up to three users.


If you’re using Sniply to shorten URLs, you can integrate it with your marketing tools to get more conversions. For example, with the Sniply API, you can create a custom workflow that allows you to track user behavior and add call-to-action to your links. More than 100,000 marketers rely on Sniply to increase their conversions through content curation.

Sniply is free to use, but if you’re looking for paid features, you’ll need to pay a small fee. Unlike some competitors, Sniply allows you to shorten your links without sacrificing the shortened URLs. You can even embed Sniply links into your social media profiles. It also allows you to measure your visitors’ behavior by presenting them with metrics like bounce rate, time spent on page, and average number of pages viewed. However, it’s worth noting that Sniply is not compatible with every website, so you’ll need to check before using it.

Sniply for small businesses

If you are running a small business and you’d like to increase your online traffic, you might want to try Sniply for small businesses URL-shortening service. This service specializes in shortening links for small businesses, and it allows you to track key link metrics like click-through rate, time on site, interactions with custom call-to-action, and verified conversions.

Sniply’s URL shortening tool allows you to customize your shortlinks and even embed call-to-actions. You can also see who clicks on your shortened links and how they perform, as well as track your social media ROI. Sniply has an intuitive interface that allows you to personalize your shortlinks and customize call-to-actions.

Sniply for Twitter

Sniply for Twitter URL shorting has several advantages. Its editable destination URL allows you to include a call-to-action snip, which displays as a small overlay box on the linked site. By using Sniply, you can include a CTA in every link, increasing conversions from your content. With its powerful toolbox, you can personalize your CTA and link text, and also add a pop-up promoting your newsletter.


You can get a free account with Sniply, and evaluate the advanced features before upgrading. Additionally, Sniply has a built-in coupon system to save you money and time by sending information to your other web apps automatically. It is easy to use, even for busy people who don’t have time to do all the heavy lifting. Its coupon is valid for all plans, and is valid for life.

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