drew brees makes his nbc debut, internet amazed by his new hair


When Drew Brees retired from the NFL after 20 seasons, he didn’t take much time to relax. Instead, he jumped right into a new career as an analyst for NBC Sports, making his debut on Sunday Night Football’s pregame show on September 12th. But it wasn’t just his insightful commentary that caught people’s attention; it was his new hair.

Brees had always been known for his short, conservative haircut during his playing days, but when he appeared on screen with a full head of thick, wavy hair, viewers were shocked. Social media lit up with comments about his new look, with many expressing their surprise and admiration for the transformation.

Some fans speculated that the new hair was due to hair plugs or a hair transplant, while others joked that he must have been inspired by Tom Brady’s luscious locks. Whatever the reason, one thing was clear: Drew Brees had undergone a dramatic change in appearance.

But beyond the shock value of his new hair, there was still plenty of excitement surrounding Brees’ debut as an analyst for NBC Sports. After all, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, having broken numerous records and led the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2010.

Fans and fellow analysts alike were eager to hear his insights on the game, and Brees did not disappoint. He provided thoughtful analysis on the players and strategies involved in each matchup, drawing on his experience as a player and his extensive knowledge of the game.

While some viewers may have been distracted by his new hair at first, many soon realized that Brees had made a smooth transition to his new role as an analyst. He brought the same dedication and passion to his new job that he had brought to football, and his natural charisma and charm made him a hit with audiences.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Drew Brees has made headlines for his appearance. During his playing days, he was known for wearing a birthmark on his face with pride, refusing to cover it up with makeup or clothing. He was also known for his charitable work, particularly in his efforts to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

It’s clear that Drew Brees is much more than just a football player or an analyst; he’s a role model and inspiration to many. His success both on and off the field, combined with his new look, have cemented his status as a cultural icon.

As for his hair, only time will tell if it becomes a permanent fixture of his new look or if he decides to switch things up again. But for now, fans are loving the change and can’t wait to see more of Drew Brees on NBC Sports.

While his new hair may have been a surprise to some, it only added to the excitement surrounding his new role. With his talent, passion, and dedication, it’s clear that Brees has a bright future ahead of him in his post-football career.

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