H for the holy grenade


No dry eye is left with the holy grenade from Worms, as the cutesy toy’s explosive power rips even the last worm out of the stool. When the iconic hallelujah-guaranteed sound rumbles from the speakers, the worm-soldiers would rather run away and hide under a nearby rock – although… it doesn’t matter anymore. Hallelujah, baby!

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M for giant tanks, Mr Toots

We remember the good old Command and Conquer series: if we saw one of the scary giant tanks coming around the corner, we quickly ran away. With its huge armour and powerful cannons, the fighting machine spread fear and terror on the battlefield. The downside: both in terms of acquisition and maintenance, the mammoth tank is a real giant project, and the upgrade costs aren’t for bargain hunters either…

M for Mr Toots

Our amazing arsenal of weapons lives up to its name because Mr Toots is a really strange weapon in our collection. The unicorn Mr Toots comes from the game Red Faction: Armageddon and shoots rainbows from behind. Those who are hit by this powerful laser beam have nothing to laugh about. The pinnacle of madness are the butterflies that surround the beam and occasionally explode. Mr Toots is only available once the story is complete and only then can he be unlocked. We recommend getting on particularly well with the unicorn, because Mr Toots is definitely not to be trifled with.

N for the nano suit

The nano-suit from Crysis is an impressive piece of technology. Perfectly protected and fused with the wearer, the fittings act like a second skin. Whether it’s camouflage, speed mode or power mode, with a nano-suit you’re always light years ahead of your opponents. In the upcoming Crysis 3, this technology is sure to get another update…

P for Portal Cannon

Many gamers would probably rightly wish for the Portal Gun from the real-life game of the same name. What could you do with a futuristic device? Reduced work routes, annoying friends, endless jumps into a parallel universe and the like. The Portal Cannon has enjoyed an absolute cult following for a reason and has been hugely popular since part one. At this point we say goodbye to another universe. *fum

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