Harga Akrilik Photocard Pc Holder CUSTOM


When choosing photocard holders, there are many factors to consider, including price, size, and material. Knowing what these factors are can help you make an informed decision about your purchase. In addition, you will need to consider how the product will be delivered. You should make sure to choose a reputable company that will offer you the highest level of quality and service. Once you decide what type of photocard holder you want, you can begin looking for the right company.


Various options are available to choose from for a harga akrilik photocard pc holder custom. For example, the gantungan kunci akrilik can be made in 2mm thick. It is highly customizable and can be made as per the specifications of the customer.

There are also various custom keychains settings available to customize the asset, such as tata letak, ukuran, and desain. During the process, the asset is printed using UV technology. Then, it is cut according to the model. Laser cutting is another option.

Best Acrylic Photocard Holders Keychain

If you are looking for the best Acrylic Photocard Holders keychain manufacturer, then this article will be helpful for you. These products are made of acrylic and are inexpensive. You can find them from a variety of manufacturers. These products are also great for gift giving. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors.

Acrylic Photocard Holders keychain manufacturer

If you’re looking for a keychain that matches your Acrylic Photocard Holders, you’ve come to the right place! This keychain manufacturer is dedicated to designing beautiful products. These keychains can hold a variety of items, including photos and personal information. They are also very easy to attach to a suitcase.

Cheapest acrylic Photocard Holders keychain manufacturer

Acrylic Photocard Holders are available in different styles and colors. Some of them feature a protective film that keeps your pictures safe. Others feature a transparent material that enables you to display the photos on them without damaging them. To print your pictures on these keychains, you need to upload your artwork in the right resolution. Generally, 300 dpi or more is recommended. If you want to use a double-sided design, you should separate the semi-transparent part from the artwork and name it separately. Also, you need to determine the size of the charms, including the hole and border.

Kpop Photocard Holder Keychain

Kpop custom keychain Photocard Holder Keychains come in a variety of styles, including ones with kpop boy and girl groups’ pictures. They can accommodate most standard photocard sizes. Most of these holders are made of PVC, so it’s best to use a PVC-free sleeve to protect them.

Sanrio Kpop Photocard Holder

A Sanrio Kpop photocard holder is a great way to display and protect your precious pictures. It can be hung on the wall or attached to a bag. It measures 63x90mm and has a flap on the back that keeps the case closed. It also features a hard plastic card for safekeeping.


If you want to make a DIY Kpop Photocard Holder Keychain, the first step is to find a hard badge holder that is suitable for DIY. It is then possible to personalize it using a photocard protector and Kpop stickers. Using the cardholder, you can send your beloved Kpop photocards and share your love with them. Be careful, though: colors on different screens may not reflect the actual color of the badge holder.

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