How Beginners Can Indulge with Texas Yellow Cap Mushrooms


Texas Yellow Cap mushroom is a beginner-friendly Psilocybe cubensis. This strain offers a unique experience with a high that most first-time users will return to at no time. Its psychedelic effects will take you into a place that will envelop you with calmness and a soothing experience.

This mushroom strain is perfect for reaching a mild hallucination with warm effects to spiritual exploration that brings connectedness. So if you are looking to give yourself a taste of Texas Yellow Cap shrooms, you’re just precisely at the right place.

What are Texas Yellow Cap Mushrooms?

Texas Yellow Cap shrooms are a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom that can cause hallucinations. It has the active components of Psilocybin and Psilocin. They both cause a person to experience visual, auditory, and perception changes.

This strain came from the wild Texan mushroom. An amateur mycologist discovered it in 1998. After its domestication, TYC adapted since then to what we use now.

It’s easy to cultivate Texas Yellow Caps since these mushrooms have open and wide caps. With the proper humidity and airflow, these shrooms grow well.

Effects of Texas Yellow Caps

With TYC mushrooms, you can enter into an imaginary world beyond what humans can’t comprehend. You’ll experience hallucinations and altered consciousness. Its potency is good enough to get you confused for a while but enjoying every second.

There is also a vivid and unique visual and auditory experience that can go on until the drug wears off. You’ll find it difficult to differentiate reality from illusion with higher doses. The senses get muddled up, and you cannot understand what is happening around you, but that should not cause alarm.

These changes in perception with TYC are regular, and the intensity even amplifies as you take in more doses.

However, despite these Texas Yellow Cap mushroom effects, which can be anxiety-inducing for first-time users, they also come with benefits.

  • Better mood
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increase energy
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression


Consuming magic mushrooms requires following a dosage that will match your need. But the dose also depends on the state of the mushroom (fresh or dried). Therefore, you need to weigh the amount and take them slowly instead of simultaneously.

This dosage will guide you when you plan to ingest a Texas Yellow Cap mushroom. First-time users can check on it to help them decide.

Dosage based on a dried mushroom:

  • 2 to 0.5 grams (very low)
  • 5 to 1 gram (low)
  • 1 to 2 grams (mild psychedelics experience)
  • 2 to 3 grams (classic psychedelic trip)
  • More than 3 grams (spiritual experience)

Use this dosage guide to help choose the weight of mushroom you need. However, note that you can also adjust the dose depending on your body weight, experience, and preference. All beginners should begin at the lowest amount.

Ways to Consume

Texas Yellow shrooms are deliciously excellent in experience, and there are many possible ways to ingest them while enjoying every bite.

Eating Dried and Fresh Mushroom

The most recommended way that regular users suggest is to take your mushrooms directly. Measure the weight of mushrooms you need and then eat them.

Experienced users suggest this method because it is the best way to experience the mushroom’s potency. Since heat can reduce the amount of psilocin (however, no studies prove this claim), it’s better to chew them.

But one disadvantage to eating magic mushrooms is the taste and texture. This experience usually throws off some shroom users.


The best way to eliminate the mushrooms’ unpalatable taste and texture is to eat edibles. Edibles can come in many forms. It can be available commercially or in home-cooked meals.

Commercial edibles are laboratory-tested food where the amount of psilocybin is known. They are present in chocolate bars, cookies, gummies, etc. It’s similar to marijuana edibles.

Another edible form is by preparing your meals with magic mushrooms. You can cook whatever food you want and add the mushrooms as a topping. In addition, you can include them in smoothies to eliminate the taste and texture while enjoying a fruity drink.


You can turn your magic mushroom into magic teas. First, you need dried mushrooms and a tea bag. Then, add water to your tea bag and chopped mushrooms. Furthermore, you can also add honey and lemon.

Drinking magic mushroom tea has a higher potency and faster coming-up reaction. Therefore, when drinking your tea, drink slowly. Lemon tek is a method that can increase the strength of your mushroom.

You can use herbal tea bags as herbs are known to combat nausea and vomiting, which can be a shared experience when ingesting mushrooms.


Capsules can come in pure psilocybe or mixed with other organic mushrooms. It contains a pre-weight amount of dried mushrooms crushed to form a finely powdered content.

It is for those who want to microdose, but you can also get a trip when using capsules. In addition, they are easy to consume, and dosing is much more apparent.

Like edibles, shroom capsules are available commercially, or you can make them at home. It’s not challenging to create shroom capsules. You only need to crush dried shrooms, weigh in carefully, and transfer them to the capsule shell.


This method is debatable. Most users disagree that smoking shrooms are the best idea since it often doesn’t give a natural effect. In addition, smoking mushrooms rich in spores can be harmful to the lungs.

Others combine marijuana and shrooms, but the most you’ll get is a short-lived mild high. After that, you’ll not even know if it was from the mushroom or the weed.

Where to Buy Texas Yellow Caps?

You can buy Texas Yellow Cap mushrooms as a spore, dried shroom, capsules, or edibles. Numerous online shops offer them. One place to buy your shrooms is Zoomies Canada.

You can get a wide selection of known brands and high-quality dried mushrooms. They are all packed and sealed in a safe container and delivered safely to your home, where you can enjoy some mouth-watering treats.


Texas Yellow Cap shrooms have a vague history, but its effect is not easily forgotten. With a potency that will allow beginners to hop into the psychedelic experience, TYC is a must-try. Anyone can enjoy this tasty shroom in ways that will not make them nauseous.

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