How Does Reinforced Concrete (RC) Works Construction?


Reinforced concrete (RC) is one of the most commonly used construction materials. It is a composite material that incorporates steel bars embedded in concrete to improve its tensile strength.

However, the high compressive and tensile strength of RC structures are frequently compromised by degradation processes. The two main degradation processes are carbonation and rebar corrosion.

Work Sections

In rc works construction, work sections are the components of a skeleton structure and include concrete, steel reinforcement, formwork, and labor. These are the costliest elements of an RC building, and the aim of this study is to minimize the costs associated with their construction by using an optimization model. The optimization method is based on a series of optimization simulations that consider different structural floor systems (solid slabs, flat slabs with drop panels, and flat slabs without drop panels), the optimal concrete grade, the optimal concrete dimensions, and the optimal steel reinforcement in order to find the most economical solution.


Sub-Contractors are independent contractors who work under a contract with the general contractor to perform certain tasks. In rc works construction, the general contractor may hire several different subcontractors to perform various parts of a project. The contracting party may require that each subcontractor have a separate contract with the general contractor, which outlines the scope of the work performed under that subcontract. If a subcontractor hires a third party to perform some or all of the same work as that performed under its contract with the general contractor, there will be a chain of contracts from the original contract entered by the general contractor with the (original) contracting party through each subcontract.

The subcontractor must carefully consider the scope of the work performed under each subcontract in order to ensure that the subcontractor is not performing work that it is prohibited from performing under the original contract or any descending contracts. If the subcontractor violates these terms, the general contractor can take appropriate action against the subcontractor.

Payment Currencies

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Bills of Quantities

The bill of quantities (BoQ) in rc works construction is a vital part of the design process. It provides a detailed breakdown of the cost of materials, equipment and labor needed for the project.

It’s also used as a tool for comparison between bids from contractors, which makes it easier to choose the best company to work with. A well-prepared BoQ is a key element of any successful tender.

A bill of quantity is usually prepared by a quality surveyor or cost consultant, who has experience estimating the materials needed for a particular project. It’s often created as part of the tendering process before you accept a bid from a contractor, and it’s a great way to see how different companies will price their work.