How to Apply for A Stepchild’s Residence Visa in Dubai?


If you are an adult and want to sponsor a stepchild in Dubai, you can apply for a residence visa. However, there are certain requirements. For example, you will need to provide proof of sponsorship, such as a copy of your passport, a salary slip, or a labor contract. The foreign ministry or embassy must attest to the documents. In addition, you will need to show that you are financially responsible for the child. You will need to pay a fee for Child Visa Dubai. In this blog, you will know about the documentation, medical need, duration, and validity. Let us move on:

What Are the Required Documents for Child Visa UAE?

The process for a Stepchild’s residence visa is the same as for an adult, but there are a few additional steps that must be completed before the visa can be issued. The applicant must submit the necessary documents, which include the child’s birth certificate and a copy of his or her passport. The applicant must also submit a Resident ID application form.

An expatriate or a UAE citizen who resides in the country can sponsor a Stepchild’s residence visa in Dubai. To apply, the sponsor needs to have a no objection certificate from the biological parent, as well as a deposit for each child. Once approved, the residence visa will be valid for one year. In addition, you should follow each year the process of Child Visa Renewal Dubai. The process is usually quite simple and hassle-free if the sponsor works with a PRO firm. If you are a female who earns more than 8000 AED per month and wants to know how to apply for gdrfa approval or stepson. Then it also required the same documentation.

In order to apply for a stepchild’s residence visa in Dubai, you first need to obtain a no-objection letter from the child’s father and the relevant authorities in the child’s home country. This letter must be legally binding and must be approved by the UAE Embassy or the relevant foreign ministry. You will also need a letter from the child’s grandparents, which should be legally binding and approved by the relevant authorities.

What Type of Medical Fitness Tests are Necessary?

The UAE has announced that residents can extend their entry permits to a further month. Those who have an expired entry permit can continue to stay for a month in Dubai if they get the necessary health reports. People who want to extend their stay must undergo a medical fitness test. The cost of the medical fitness test is AED 700.

If a female expatriate work in the UAE, she can sponsor her family for a residence visa Dubai. The sponsor should have a monthly salary of at least AED 3,000. The sponsor should have accommodations ready for the sponsored family. The sponsored family member must undergo a medical fitness test to prove that they are in good health.

A stepchild visa in the UAE is valid for two years. It is available for those with a sponsor who is a Muslim resident. Both spouses must meet the requirements of the GDRFA. If a biological parent sponsors a stepchild, she can apply for a residence visa within three years.

Time Duration

Typically, a stepchild’s residence visa can be issued for up to three years. The application process usually takes about 15 days, but it can take longer during the weekend in Dubai. You will also have to pay a Dh5000 deposit to sponsor the stepchild. This deposit will be returned to you if the stepchild’s residence visa is canceled.

Once your stepchild meets the residency requirements, you will need to pay a deposit for each stepchild. During this time, you will also need to prove your relationship with the biological parents. Depending on the age of your stepchild, you may need to submit a copy of the birth certificate for each stepchild. You will also need a copy of the biological parents’ no-objection certificate, and the latest utility bill.

Validity of Residence Visa

Most expatriates do not understand all of the requirements and do not know where to begin when applying for a stepchild’s residency visa in Dubai. Therefore, it is important to consult with a professional visa service in Dubai like Docman. Therefore, they can not only guide you but also assist you in getting the visa.

Once the stepchild’s visa has been approved, it must be renewed annually. Depending on the sponsor’s situation, a stepchild’s residence visa can last up to five years. If the stepchild is still studying, the sponsor must submit proof of their studies. After that, the sponsor can sponsor the Child Visa Dubai until the child completes their education.

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