How to choose a welding electrode suitable for work ?


buying welding wire In addition to having to consider the nature of work done. and know the details of the work Also consider the appropriate size between the electrode and the workpiece itself. so that it can be used conveniently and to protect Dangers from electric welding work. The use of electric welding wire of each size must be considered as appropriate as follows. The equipment center, grinding machines, grinding wheels and various tools for welding work of all kinds. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to give advice and consultation to all customers.

  1. Welding electrode size 1.6mm. Suitable for thin steel 0.8 – 1.0 mm. and general DIY work.
  2. Welding electrode size 2.0mm. Suitable for thin steel about 1mm.
  3. Welding electrode size 2.6mm. Suitable for C-section steel, box steel and general steel.
  4. Welding wire size 3.2mm. Suitable for general steel structures. and welding of marine vessels

buying techniques Electric welding wire. Don’t miss it.

In addition to various factors in choosing to buy welding wire. That has been mentioned above There are still many techniques for choosing to buy welding electrodes for consideration.

1. Work piece strength

Before welding, you must know the mechanical properties of the metal of the workpiece first. If it is a low alloy steel, electrodes should be selected based on strength values. by as close to the work metal as possible If it is mild steel (Low carbon steel) should choose welding electrodes in the 6013 group, which are electrodes with mechanical properties closest to the work metal.

2. Type of power used

Should choose to use welding electrodes that are suitable for the welding current. Because some types of electrodes can be connected well with direct current only. Or some types will work well with alternating current only.

3. Welding position

Refer to the symbols given in Welding electrodes such as the AWS system will assign the 3rd digit to indicate the welding position that can be welded in which welding position.

4. Characteristics of the connection and adjacent seams

For example Seam without incision Choose electrodes with a soft arc. because it will cause less deep penetration. It is also suitable for work with thin materials. For thick materials, electrodes with a strong arc should be selected. Based on the 4th digit for the A.W.S. standard.

5. Job Requirements

The composition of welding electrodes should be considered to match the functional properties of that workpiece, such as impact work, welding work used at low temperatures. or high temperature and in addition to having to consider the mixture of welding electrodes Toughness and impact resistance must also be considered. which electrodes suitable for such usage conditions will be low hydrogen wire

This is all you need to know about. electrode Including techniques for choosing to buy welding electrodes for use at We have gathered together

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