How to find the Australian best online share trading platform for you


In light of the standards used to select the best-rated platforms in Online Share Trading Star Ratings and Awards Here are three things to think about when selecting the most suitable share trading platform:

  1. Know what kind of investor you are.
  2. Compare the costs
  3. Take a look at the services and features you receive from the platform. Take a look at the features and services you can avail from the.

1. Know what kind of investor you are

The option that is deemed to end up being the most appropriate for you can depend on your financial goals and habits in trading. In this case the frequency with which you purchase and sell shares, or other kinds of investments will affect the cost you’ll be charged per transaction. Certain platforms and products offer investors access to many markets and asset classes while other platforms offer an easier set of choices.

  • Investors who are not professional typically purchase and sell shares frequently (around every month) and typically employ an approach that is long-term to evaluate their portfolio of investments. When choosing the right broker, the depth of investment tools is not usually the most important element in the selection process, with the ease of use, education and price generally being the top priorities. An important aspect to know is the portfolio turnover percentage to understand better how the broker operates.
  • The active investors tend to purchase the shares they own more often than those who are casual investors and might want to invest in funds managed by a professional. They usually use the most recent market data and analysis and reports to make decisions about their portfolio’s holdings. The depth of the research tools is usually a major aspect in deciding on the most suitable broker for their clients. Due to the increased rate of trading, the cost tends to be an important factor as well.
  • Traders tend to purchase and sell shares often and frequently use the most recent market information to calculate their portfolios. When choosing a suitable broker, the ability to use derivatives is an important aspect. Because of the high trading frequency, accessibility of a reliable trading platform and the cost are typically the most important factors for investors of this kind.

2. Compare the charges

Australian trading platforms generally charge investors a charge each time they sell or buy shares. Some platforms may be able to charge an ongoing account-keeping cost. The method of charging fees differs based on the service you select. Some platforms charge a fixed dollar cost per trade and for others, the cost is an amount that is a percentage of how much the trade is worth. In certain instances there is fixed at a certain amount for trades of an amount, as well as a percentage-based fee for trades with higher value. Additionally, there is an enormous difference in the annual fees charged by various platforms, for instance, the cost of account-keeping.

3. Take a look at the options and services

The value you’ll get through your service is usually determined by the costs you pay and the value you’re getting back. This is where the options and services offered are considered. These are the things that Canstar’s research team considers when looking at share trading platforms.

eToro Vs Saxo Bank: Pros and Cons

The eToro broker has become a well-known online trading platform. Established in 2007, the company is an online social trading site which works with traders from hundreds of nations. Saxo Bank was founded in 1992. Saxo Bank brokerage company was established in the year 1992 with the initial name Midas. In 2001 the broker was licensed by the FSA which is a Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. The company altered its title to SaxoBank. The broker today provides online access to a variety of financial markets to customers from more than 170 countries.Below are the etoro vs saxo bank pros and cons given:

Etoro – pros

  • Mobile app for trading on smartphones
  • Highly licensed and licensed broker
  • The company does not have to pay additional fees for non-trading.
  • The traders can avail the following offers for trading Copy trading services and pre-built portfolios that include semi-automatic diversification
  • Funds of eToro clients are stored at the authorized US banks


  • Customer support is only reached via tickets
  • An end to trading using algorithms for traders coming from outside the country
  • Support cannot be reached through the chat feature on the site of the company.

Saxo – pros

  • advantageous trading terms for professionals with at least one year of previous experience
  • more than 40, 000 instruments are used to trade
  • an opportunity to invest in ready-to-use, long-term portfolios that are managed by experts


  • Cent accounts aren’t accessible

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