How to find top debit card online casino sites in India


Players are most likely to use their debit cards to fund their online casino accounts. It helps the gambler to immediately credit a large sum of money and take part in the tournament event.

Rules for depositing in casinos

A player can look at top debit card online casino sites and choose a site that suits his or her characteristics. The conditions for depositing funds to the balance of the casino account are simple. A user needs to register, bind a bank card and select a deposit amount.

The visitor chooses the amount to be credited independently. A player can settle for the minimum deposit, which is around INR 10 in the casino in India, or he can transfer more than INR 10,000 at once.

Playing from large deposits is convenient. The user gets another head start. Firstly, the payoff from the starting bonus of 100% on the first deposit increases. Secondly, the gambler gets a financial reserve. This reserve helps to lose a few times but does not plummet to the end of the deposit.

Licensed casinos process transfer requests instantly. The player just needs to confirm the transaction in the payment system. A mobile banking application can be used for this purpose.

Types of tournaments in online casinos in India

Players make large deposits to participate in tournaments. Each reputable casino in India holds its tournaments. The number of tournaments can reach several in a day.

Operators mostly offer tournaments in the following format:

  • Fixed jackpot competition. Users fight for a multi-million dollar payout. The top prize goes to the first-place winner. In these tournaments, the excitement is particularly high.
  • Progressive jackpot tournaments. With these tournaments, the prize pool is growing as each new player joins the competition. The more players competing for the prize, the higher the payout.
  • Competitions from providers. Gaming machine manufacturers launch their events. It is done to promote new game emulators.

Tournaments differ not only in terms of jackpots. Each competition has its own rules. However, licensed casinos in India try to make sure that even a beginner with a modest budget has a chance to win.

The table leaders are determined according to the ranking points. Points are awarded for the odds received on winning bets. That means that even a beginner, who gets a multiplier of x10000 on a bet of 5 Indian rubles, becomes a tournament favorite.

Winnings from tournaments can immediately be requested for withdrawal to your card. By the way, casinos in India are ready to transfer payments to bank cards without any limits. The player receives even multimillion-dollar winnings in a single day.

Why is it profitable to participate in casino tournaments

Tournament events are lucrative and interesting. The user plays in the main mode. However, for winning, in addition to the main winnings, he also receives rating points. The results of tournaments are usually counted at the end of a week. If the user gets at least in the top ten, he gets a payout.

Competitive events increase interest in gambling. The user is not bored and gets an opportunity to compete not only with a random number generator but also with real people. In addition, some tournaments have additional gift segments.

Online casinos in India trigger events with additional jackpots during local holidays. Winners take away tangible gifts in addition to cash prizes. These can be new smartphones, laptops, tablets, quadcopters, and quad bikes.

Players will find similar prizes in themed raffles. The advantage of raffle draws is that the result is known instantly. These draws are usually organized in the form of a wheel of fortune.

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