How to Prepare for IAS Exam?


IAS or Indian Administrative Service is one of the greatest and top respected jobs in India, which millions of people aspire to be. Well, people do aspire to become an IAS officer, but it isn’t primarily easy to achieve it. People often fail to become an IAS Officer even after taking 2 to 3 chances. Though, there are some people too, who crack the IAS exam at their very first chance only.

Everything depends upon the preparation you take for the exam you want to sit for. Let it be an IAS exam, or any other, proper preparation will only lead you to proper execution. In this article, we’ve discussed how you can prepare well for the IAS, commonly called the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE).

Start your IAS Preparation

First of all, it solely depends upon you how well you prepare for the IAS or UPSE-CSE exam. Whether will it be by self-studying or sitting for mock exams, attending coaching classes of experts, or go through websites that sell online courses for students to prepare for this exam. It is recommended that taking an expert’s help is always helpful. Though you can use all the three ways one by one, i.e., at first start the preparation on your own, and then take coaching from experts, and before sitting for the entrance, sit for numerous mock exams.

Remember one thing the fast you start your preparation for the UPSE Civil Services exam, the more you’ll get benefitted. As said earlier, some people fail even after multiple attempts. Hence a study of a minimum of 2 to 3 years before is necessary. Now we will analyze all the three measures that you can apply, i.e., self-study, attending coaching classes, and sitting for mock exams, below.

Self Study

It is not at all an impossible task to crack the UPSE-CSE exam by studying on your own. Numerous students have been seen cracking the exam even at their first attempt only by self-studying. The only difference between this approach and others is that it takes a bit more time. Also, if you’re planning to self-study you certainly need to start long before giving the actual exam.

Keep yourself, highly disciplined as well as motivated. Your focus must be of extreme level, as candidates who study alone for this exam are seen losing focus too soon, which is natural. It is recommended that working professionals or even college students who have other works to do, should take the help of experts, helping them to cover the topic faster than usual.

Sitting for Mock Exams

The phrase “practice makes someone perfect” has been proved true on multiple occasions. Students believing in these must sit for numerous mock tests, as they can. This method is known as Test-based learning, which trains a student faster than Text-based learning.

Though students here generally get trained from the exams they sit for, the whole study they have to do is by themselves only. Students should learn the textbooks thoroughly and sit for a minimum of 30 to 40 mock tests, before sitting for the Civil Services exam.

Taking Expert’s Help

Taking an expert’s help is arguably the best option to go for to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam. To improve knowledge and skills expert UPSC coaching must opt, especially for students who are unable to give all their time to study and have other important works to do. This approach helps students to learn the topics fasters and also saves years passing by. 

Though all the coaching centers in this regard are not the same. Some of them will only give you guidance and exam-oriented training which isn’t enough. However, still, aspirants become ready to give lakhs of charges charged by the platforms. Though all of them aren’t the same, so choose wisely from where you’ll take your IAS preparation. Also, there are some websites that sell courses online for IAS aspirants, whose help can be taken too.

Though cracking the IAS exam is primarily hard, pure dedication and hard work never pay off. Just remember the points that, self-study is good and cheaper too, but not recommended for aspirants who can’t devote much time. Sitting for numerous mock exams, and taking proper expert’s help will indeed make your dream come true.

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