How to take care of your skin to be healthy and not allergic


Skin care tips

1. Cleaning the skin properly.

As important as maintenance is to clean your face properly. If you wash your face clean, nourishment will be easier. It must be washed off the dirt on the face first. If cleaned as usual There may be residue on the skin. A good face wash should be washed using a cleanser to wash off the outer layer of dirt first. until the skin is clean Then let us go to wash with a cleansing gel. Gentle cleansing foam and rinse thoroughly with clean water. But You should not use warm water. hot water to wash your face Because it can irritate the skin from the heat. It also makes our skin dry as well. The more we make up to wash our face, the more it must be washed even more. because in addition to preventing irritation It also does not cause acne as well. 

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2. Add moisture to the skin by nourishing

Our skin is usually in need of moisture all the time. But if there is a lack of moisture that protects the skin, it will make our skin dry and when encountering irritation, it will cause our skin to change, such as flaky, dry rashes. because the skin is dehydrated We therefore need to add moisture to the skin, both nourishing the skin with moisturizers, oils, and even after we shower dry skin. including especially during the unfavorable weather In the winter, skin care is one of the most important things that have it all. Skin care should be taken regularly. Don’t let your skin dehydrate and flake off. If you’ve never tried natural and organic skincare products that deliver visible results, Bioeffect may be a new option.

3. Apply sunscreen.

Sun exposure can damage your skin more than you might think. UV light can also be a factor that can irritate your skin. It also makes our skin weak as well. Many people overlook this, but for women with sensitive skin. It is strongly advised to protect the skin from the sun. No matter where you go or stay at home, if you can apply sunscreen, it should be applied regularly. Even if it’s not out in the sun, we’ll get some light from the screen. Light If you have very sensitive skin May have to choose a sunscreen for sensitive skin. Otherwise it may cause an allergic reaction. It is recommended to choose a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect against both UVA and UVB light. It also helps prevent skin damage as well.

4. Do not scrub the skin, scrub the skin vigorously.

Scrubbing is done to shed old skin cells. This is not suitable for people with very sensitive skin Because originally the skin was already delicate. The more you scrub the skin, the thinner your skin. When you use something on your face and touch your face, you will feel more irritated than before. But if anyone really wants to exfoliate skin cells, he may choose to use the best skin care products to exfoliate the skin instead. But it is not recommended to exfoliate skin often, and another thing that people with sensitive skin should not do is scrubbing hard. because it will cause the face to bruise and can irritate the skin Should only be used to scrub gently on the skin, enough not to exert force until it rubs against the skin vigorously.

5. Eat nutritious food

Most of us will focus on taking care of the outside of the body. Now let’s turn to taking care of it from within. A healthy diet will show results. This makes our skin stronger and healthier. By focusing on foods that have a lot of vitamins. Because vitamins will help in the maintenance of skin rejuvenation. Antioxidants such as oranges, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fruits and may eat less sugar. Because sugar will accelerate substances that cause free radicals. Make our skin weak and make our faces old faster as well.

6. Drink water to refresh your skin.

In addition to adding moisture to the skin outside. Inside, You want to add moisture as well. Some people take good care of their skin and almost die but drink less water. How do you make your skin not as hydrated as adding moisture from drinking water? As we all know, most of our bodies are made up of water. If the water is not enough to nourish, it will cause our skin to become dry, unhealthy and may flake off. easily irritated In a day, we should drink enough water at least 8 glasses a day to add moisture to the skin. Look at the skin of people who drink water regularly and people who drink less water. The difference in the skin is clearly visible, the fresh skin will be like an island of protection, another layer that is as good as the nourishment from the outside.

7. Proper Skincare

Because of sensitive skin, skin care selection is important. Before using it, you should study and look at the ingredients carefully before using it. If you can choose a gentle formula, choose it. But even if it’s a gentle formula, you should also look at the ingredients used. Even if it is suitable for sensitive skin, the ingredients may not be suitable for us and we should try to avoid ingredients that are perfumes, parabens, alcohol because if using a skin care product that contains these ingredients, it can cause irritation and easily. The skin will become thinner. suitable skin care Gentle, in addition to not irritating the skin. It also helps to make our skin stronger. ready to fight more pollution. However, if you encounter any skin concerns or require professional advice, it is important to seek help from experts. In such cases, visiting an urgent care center Sunnyside Gardens can provide you with the necessary guidance and treatment options.

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