Hybrid Learning Pattern & its Benefits 


Different patterns of learning involve both online as well as offline. It enables teachers to teach both remote and online students. In this pattern, you get several advantages and comfort of learning in the comfort of home. Different LMS portals are helpful for students while using online learning platforms, whereas school management software is also beneficial for offline classes.

Perks of Hybrid Learning 

  • Flexibility- Hybrid learning is a flexible model for school teachers and how students are engaged. You can prefer to learn any topic from school or remain at home to enjoy your study through remote learning.
  • Increased communication opportunity – this model matches the immediate and learning academic. The introduction of technology helped, primarily through the presentation and group discussion with questions and answers.
  • Freedom of own academic learning – the students can maintain their knowledge or independent study on their convenience timetable. The freedom to understand a topic twice or thrice depends on their understanding of concepts in an in-depth conversation with their friends.
  • Use of resources- someday you prefer to study from home while other days you want to understand the topic face to face you can join classes. There are no restrictions that make this model interesting. And the child can choose according to their convenience.

Now let’s see how the hybrid learning model helps teachers have plans for teaching according to it. So talking about the structure of the new hybrid model, be sure to give yourself ample time to plan the material and activities. Here are a few of the successful hybrid learning environments:

  • Goal – Try to set a long and short-term goal for yourself and your class. Set all the assessment criteria and structure according to your course.
  • Chart – create a chart, timetable, and timeline for the course you have allotted; try to outline the course module with the respective activities and resources. It will surely help you command the students according to supervision and outlook your actions and activities on topics.
  • Course objective – when you short out the topic and the pattern to teach, it is necessary to determine what the course structure looks like to make things more clear. 
  • Try to take group discussion sessions as it will be helpful to know how depth students understand the topic.
  • Try to establish a collaborative and trust-based learning environment for students.
  • Please communicate with the student’s expectations and try to fulfill them in the study context.
  • Provide immediate feedback to students.
  • For students at home, you can use the video conferencing method, and through that, they can connect.
  • Determine the online portion of your course – the main element of the hybrid course is not a face-to-face delivery of information. But the majority of the time, it will happen to take place virtually, so try to include the following – 
  • Self-paced learning and revision are always beneficial. 
  • Try to give a trial run – once your hybrid pattern is ready, try to give the trial run so that you don’t face any technology bump when you begin your online course.
  • Try to take MCQ/true and false for a limited time, say 5 minutes for ten questions which will be easy to analyze, and they will not be able to cheat. 
  • Try to create and source content- once you have mapped out the modules of your course. Try to make a source that will be used by the students and find the creative assignment, all reading material, and video content. It will help you to understand the concept and finalize your syllabus.


The hybrid learning model is quite different from the traditional ones, so don’t hesitate if you face any issues. Learning is part of life; try to learn, and in a short time, you can easily command the technology and eat to deliver your course.