If you give me three days” after reading

“If You Give Me Three Days” is a work created by the famous American disability educator Helen Keller . The work mainly tells about Helen Keller ‘s life after becoming blind and deaf due to a childhood illness . Later, under the patient guidance of Mr. Sullivan , Helen learned to read. Through reading and feeling the love around her, her will gradually became stronger. This book is a prose created based on her own experience.

Character introduction

Helen Keller, a famous American writer, educator, philanthropist, and social activist. At nineteen months, he suffered from acute gastric congestion and cerebral congestion and was deprived of sight and hearing. In 1887, he met Mr. Sullivan. In June 1899, she was admitted to Harvard University’s Radcliffe College for Women. Died on June 1, 1968, at the age of 87, but lived in a world without light and sound for 86 years. During this time, she has completed 14 books. The most famous of them are: “If You Give Me Three Days of Light” , “My Life Story” , “Stonewall Story”.

after reading

“If You Give Me Three Days of Light” is a representative prose work by contemporary American writer Helen Keller . The first half of the article mainly writes about Helen’s life after becoming blind and deaf, and the second half introduces Helen’s schooling career. At the same time, she also introduced her experience of different and colorful life and her charitable activities. From the perspective of a weak woman with a disability and a strong will, she warned people who are able-bodied to cherish life and cherish everything given by the Creator.

Until the end, Helen Keller did not regain the light. Even if she can’t see and hear, she finally relies on her strong will and hard work to fight against difficulties. She has accomplished a lot and has been working on charities for the deaf-blind . I think the reason why she has achieved today is undoubtedly thanks to Teacher Sullivan’s meticulous care and teaching, the great support of her parents behind the scenes, and her optimistic and progressive quality.

Everyone will encounter setbacks and low points in life. “If You Give Me Three Days” tells us that even in the darkest place in the world, we are full of hope, and we must not give up easily. In the original book, Helen Keller was originally a world-weary, unruly, and uneducated savage girl. Thanks to Teacher Sullivan’s tireless teaching, she not only learned words and reading, but also opened her young heart with sincere love. The seeds of love are buried in my heart.

It can also be said that Helen Keller is lucky and unfortunate. Unfortunately, the above accident happened. Fortunately, he has a good family and a responsible teacher. The reason why she was able to regain her confidence and fight against great difficulties with her own efforts is because there is love in her heart, and the strong love given to her by the people around her is the greatest force that guides her to break through the dark world and pursue the light.


“If You Give Me Three Days” is one of the American autobiographical novels that I haven’t read much in my life. After I first learned the background story of this book, I couldn’t wait to buy the e-book online. During reading, via Editar Pdf Online ‘s annotation and highlighting functions have made a lot of notes and identifications for this PDF e-book. Rather than touching people’s hearts, these words shocked me. A little blind and deaf girl was able to overcome her huge fear and forge a new path with the help of her teacher. Finally, I would like to say that thanks to Editar PDF Online allows me to read and annotate every e-book as much as I want today.

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