Kanpyo Secrets Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details


Kanpyo is an unusual dish, and its name translates to “shaved calabash gourd.” White strips are used for packaging kanpyo that has its air let out. Before being included in some of the most well-known kanpyo meals, such as futomaki rolls and sides, the dried strips must first be cooked and marinated. Because I intended to cook unohana, a meal consisting of tofu pulp and veggies, I decided to try kanpyo.

Kanpyo Roll

One of the most classic sushi roll types is the kanpyo maki. A sheet of nori has been used to wrap this hosomaki, which is quite thin. This role is often provided in the capacity of a sweet treat.

Kanpyo Futomaki

The larger of the two types of rolls, the futomaki may be stuffed with various ingredients. In contrast to uramaki sushi rolls, Futomaki sushi rolls have nori wrapping on the outside rather than the inside. Kanpyo is used in a wide variety of products and preparations.

Kanpyo Sushi

Kanpyo is usually included in the authentic Edomae sushi preparation. You may order it as a simple kanpyo roll, or you can have it as a component of some futomaki.

Getting Ready for Kanypo

Making kanpyo requires a significant amount of effort in addition to a lot of time. Shavings of dried gourd must be cleaned and re-immersed in the water for some time. The next step is to cook the meat for a long period to make it tender. The gourd strips will drink a lot of water during this phase and then must be pressed dry.

Then soy sauce and sugar are added, and the kanpyo is cooked until it’s soft. Continuous stirring is required at all times. This operation might take between 20 and 30 minutes to conclude.

Kanpyo: A Detailed Guide on Making the Japanese Delicacy

How to create kanpyo! Here are explicit instructions on how to manufacture kanpyo. Here is a recipe for kanpyo with easy-to-understand instructions.

The following is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to make kanpyo. The instructions are simple to understand, and the dish may be prepared fast. You may also watch the video that provides a more visual demonstration of how to do the task. Follow the instructions in this video to create a great meal.

  • · First, place the kanpyo strips in a big basin and pour cold water from the faucet.
  • · Second, when you’ve drained all the water, you should sprinkle two tablespoons of salt over the strips and massage them to clean and soften the fibres.
  • · To remove salt, just run cold water over it.
  • · Take the strips out of the cold water the following day and let them drain
  • · After one day, remove the kanpyo strips from the water and set them in a pot that is about medium in size.
  • · Pour enough water into the container, so the contents are submerged at 2 inches. Cook for 15 minutes, covered with a drop lid or a disk of parchment paper, or until the strips are firm. Please remove one of the strips and test whether or not it moves by passing your fingers over it. To leave a mark on the surface, you should use a nail.
  • · Get rid of the water that the kanpyo strips were fried in. Using a wooden spatula, bring the sugar and soy sauce to a boil in a saucepan that has been well-cleaned while keeping the heat at medium.
  • · Immediately after the dissolution of the sugar, place the kanpyo strips in the pan and fry them over medium heat, frequently tossing them with a pair of cooking chopsticks.
  • · After nearly all of the liquid has evaporated, add the sweet cooking wine, which is known as mirin, and continue to boil the mixture until all of the liquid has been absorbed. The strips are doused in a syrupy sauce that has a glossy appearance.
  • · After the kanpyo strips have finished cooking, remove any excess liquid from them using a sieve and keep it aside.
  • To swiftly bring down the temperature of the strips, turn them over and over again. When ready to use the kanpyo, place it in the refrigerator or the freezer.

Where exactly can I get some Kanpyo?

You can obtain dried kanpyo at any Japanese grocery. There is also a possibility that it is available in select upscale grocery shops and Asian markets. Additionally, you may access it via the use of the internet.

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