Know The Top Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet!


By changing one behaviour at a time, let’s celebrate Earth Day by saving the planet. We believe in giving back and making a difference, as one of our fundamental principles implies; this holds for animals, the public, and the environment. Discover 5 new behaviours you can start doing right away with your pet!

1. Recycle the Water for Your Pets

Did you know that the average American uses 88 gallons of water daily at home? 1 Pet owners who must continually maintain their animals clean and water are not included in this. Give your houseplants life by using the water that your pet leaves in the bowl instead of pouring it down the sink! Especially because the water is already in a bowl that you can easily pour over your plants, this is a simple habit to get into.

2. Do Local Shopping

Shopping locally not only supports the establishments in your neighbourhood, but it also saves a tonne of energy! By minimising the distance many commodities must travel to reach their destination and so lowering their carbon footprint, purchasing locally benefits the environment.

Additionally, it reduces packaging because local goods don’t require as much protection from breakage on long truck rides and international flights as those that do. Finally, by supporting neighbourhood farmers rather than large-scale developers who can alter the land and destroy wildlife’s natural habitat, you can safeguard wildlife by shopping locally.

3. Favour Eco-Friendly Companies

Support companies who make their goods responsibly and with consideration for the environment. They are deciding to be more environmentally responsible, whether it means recycling, using less material, or using natural dyes.

Molly Mutt, Jax & Bones, and Open Farm are a few fantastic companies we support and carry because they attempted to be ethical and ecological. To reduce trash and keep your items out of landfills, Molly Mutt sells dog bed duvets that you can fill with unwanted clothing and other items.

4. DIY Canine Toys

This is a lifesaver for pet owners whose animals chew and break brand-new toys in an instant! By turning an old shirt in your wardrobe into a toy for your dog, you may avoid driving to the store and cut down on gas costs.

Your fragrance on it will make it even more special for your dog and reassuring for them when you’re away, so we’re confident they’ll like it. You’re not sure where to begin. View our DIY tutorial on our YouTube channel. Therefore, you must also install invisible fences dogs to ensure that they do not go anywhere unknowingly.

5. Make Donations

Did you know that pet food can still be consumed six months after it has expired? Donate it in its place if you don’t feel comfortable giving this to your pet. Whether it’s past its expiration date or is about to, donate it to your neighbourhood animal shelter to help feed famished animals as they wait for their forever homes!

Simply by spending click here time with your pet, you’re consuming less energy, electricity, and other resources that we use daily and have an impact on the environment. Want to do more with your pet to benefit the environment? Then go online to know more about the processes to make your day memorable with your pet. 

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