8 Features that make LogWork Time Tracker the Best Remote Working Tool

Remote working and the digital nomad lifestyle started gaining popularity in the mid 2010’s. Until recently during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, the number of remote workers in the US surged 50% to 11 million. It has completely changed the way we work and today, asynchronous or remote work prevails. One company working to improve collaboration and team productivity, especially among remote workers and freelancers is LogWork.

LogWork is a free time tracker with many other functionalities and features, including screen monitor. Most of the features can be accessed using the browsers but if you’re looking to use all of the available and upgraded features, it’d be great to install the LogWork software on your desktop. More than 9,100 remote teams from 180 countries globally use LogWork to track their hours across projects, clients and tasks.

Here is a list of 8 features that make LogWork an awesome tool to use if you’re a remote worker or a freelancer:

1. Automated Online Time Tracker

This is really simple and time-saving. All you have to do is write your task name and start the time tracker. You can also assign a project and a client to it. If you want to have accurate time monitoring for your team, LogWork has a screen monitor feature that takes random screenshots at the timing you set. You can even set a blur effect to the screenshots to ensure information confidentiality. Some premium functions include:

  • Employee productivity monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Application monitoring

Check what apps are used and how much time is spent on those apps.

  • Activity monitoring

Monitor the mouse and keyboard activity to track if the user is active or idle.

2. Comprehensive Timelinesection

You can find so much information from the “Timeline” section. It consists of:

  • Calendar

It shows the total hours worked and all the time entries on each day. You can also check them for all the previous months.

  • Total time worked
  • Most used apps

As well as the amount of time spent on the apps.

  • Time bar
  • List of time entries and the duration of every task
  • Screenshots and the activity percentage

3. Desktop Software for both Windows and Mac

The desktop software has superior features compared to the browser-based time tracker. The features exclusive to the desktop software application are:

  • Offline mode support with auto-sync
  • Idle time detection
  • Auto-start time track
  • Auto-pause if the user is idle and auto-start when the user is active
  • Applications, websites, activity, and idle time monitoring

4. Time Tracker Chrome Extension

If you’re using project management tools such as Trello, Asana and many others, installing the LogWork Chrome extension embeds the time tracker button on those applications. That means, you can seamlessly add your tasks without having to ctrl C and ctrl V.

Download the LogWork Chrome Extension here.

5. Mobile-friendly Application

The clean mobile interface helps you to track your time easily and monitor your team performance on any mobile devices. Additionally, you can even generate PDF or Excel timesheet reports from your phones.

6. Customizable Reports

You can generate customizable reports for yourself or your clients. With LogWork, you do not have to input any data manually. That eliminates all human errors of calculation and saves tremendous amounts of time. You can export both PDF and Excel formatted timesheet reports, client reports, project reports and employee reports. Some reports are only available if you have the desktop LogWork software installed and have a feature enabled in the settings page and masstamilan

7. Connect LogWork with your Favorite Online Tools

It is integrated with more than 74 applications through the browser extension. Some popular tools include Asana, Gmail, Notion, Monday.com, GitHub, Salesforce, Basecamp and more.

8. Pricing? It’s Absolutely Free!

Try LogWork has a Free plan for time tracker, or you can sign up to try the Basic or Premium plan features for 14 days. No credit card information is required for the trial. After your 14-days trial of using the paid plan, you can make up your mind regarding the plan that suits your needs mostly.

Learn how to start using LogWork here.

LogWork is more than a free time tracker. LogWork is the way to work remotely, anytime and anywhere.