Maximizing Lead Generation for Roofing Contractors: Strategies and Best Practices


There’s no doubt that managing a roofing business is hard, but generating roofing leads seems harder. Little wonder, 68% of businesses report lead generation as their biggest hurdle. What’s more, the competitive market makes getting more leads look unrealistic.

While these challenges exist, you can earn leads and grow your business with the right strategies. These strategies and best practices support lead generation, increase customer engagement and boost brand awareness. Before we consider these techniques, let’s define a roofing lead.

What is a Roofing Lead?

A roofing lead is a prospective customer or client that has shown interest in roofing services. Quality leads are the lifeline of any roofing business as they determine sales conversions and revenue growth. Let’s consider lead generation tactics for the roofing business.

Best Lead Generation Practices for Roofing Business

From SEO to email marketing, trade shows, and direct mail, there’s so much these strategies do for your business. Here’s how lead generation strategies benefit your roofing business and how to implement them.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

SEO is crucial to driving organic traffic to your website. If you want to rank top on search listings and generate leads for your roofing business, you’ll need to prioritize SEO. While you’re looking to promote your brand, ensure you create relevant content for your prospects. Optimize your content and website with location-specific keywords and phrases that increase your visibility on Google. Implement these keywords in your title and metadata in your homepage and service pages.

Also, use a consistent name and contact address. Adding your physical address at the footer of your website boosts your chances of showing up in search results. Additionally, incorporating backlinks in your SEO practices helps you achieve higher rankings.

SEO offers the best ROI on lead generation for a business. Thus, you’ll do your business a lot of good if you invest in SEO as it won’t only help brand awareness, but will enable you to build credibility among roofing competitors. Since this is a challenging task, you should seek an agency specialized in ROI-focused backlinks.

Have a Strong Online Presence

In this digital world, an online presence should form the crux of your business if you want to succeed and stand out in your industry. Create business accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Post relevant and engaging content that showcases your expertise and services. You can upload blog posts on these platforms and embed links to your website.

Engaging your followers and responding promptly to their comments will help you build trust and relationships. Plus, you can post before and after pictures of a roofing project, customer testimonials, and images of employees in your company. Doing this consistently will over time result in lead conversion.

Utilize Online Marketing Tactics

While you’ve created business profiles on various social media platforms, the next thing is to monetize them. These platforms provide avenues to generate quality roofing leads for your business. With paid ads, you can reach your target audience with tailored content that meets their needs. Let’s consider some of these online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is also known as pay-per-click ads. These are advertising campaigns on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This online advertising model allows you to pay for ads when a prospect clicks on them. These ads usually appear before the organic search results. On average, the top 3 paid ads on the search results page garners about 41% of clicks.

Pay-per-click proves to be one of the most effective online marketing strategies. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring your utmost attentio and optimization to achieve the best results. PPC is suitable for roofing companies since it’s easy to set up and there’s an increased chance of reaching potential customers who are not familiar with your business.

Besides, it’s a faster means to generate leads for your roofing business if your campaign is properly set up. Note that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors.

Facebook Ads

Due to its massive user base, Facebook has become a popular choice for businesses looking to reach a large number of people. It’s not surprising that many businesses are harnessing this to develop more leads.

Bear in mind that Facebook is a platform where people connect over shared interests, not necessarily a place where individuals come to search for roofing services. Hence, for a successful conversion lead, you need to use the right marketing strategies. Use the right ad format. Depending on your marketing goals and budget, you can use a carousel, image, or video for your ads.

Target your ads at people who have visited your website or liked your post. Ads may be tailored to homeowners or people who have just moved into a new home. Ensure you highlight your USP in your ad copy. This makes your roofing company distinct from others.

Instagram Ads

Like Facebook, you can reach a large number of people with Instagram ads. But you need to decide the type of ad campaign you want to run. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or create brand awareness, Instagram offers targeted advertising options that you can maximize.

The platform tailors your ad according to location, interests, demographics, or behaviors. Ensure your Instagram ads have a clear CTA like schedule an appointment, request for a quote, or visit our website. Regardless of the CTA you use, make sure it is clear and compelling.

Email Marketing

There is no successful lead generation strategy without email marketing. Roofing companies should support their marketing efforts with email marketing. Most times, subscribers delete marketing emails so you might want to personalize and tailor your campaigns to achieve the best results.

While it’s easy to compile email lists, it takes extra effort to convince readers to make the next step. Incorporate occasional follow-ups to put your brand on the minds of your prospects, informing them about promotional events that your company is running. According to studies, email marketing ranks among the most effective medium for creating brand awareness.

Furthermore, be strategic about your email campaigns. Send emails to subscribers during seasons like fall or spring when they may need your services. Sharing educational content like tips on how to choose the right material or preparing your roof for summer will help you build trust and authority in the field. This will invariably affect your conversion rate.


While canvassing is an old marketing strategy, it’s an effective lead generation strategy that works for roofing businesses. The best time to canvass is after storm damage. Here, you’ll pitch your products and services in real-time, convincing them to work with you on roofing projects.

To boost your chance of a lead generation, add a creative touch to your canvassing. Storm and hail chasing and drive-by repair finding are creative ways to canvass to prospects. Use tracking apps to monitor storms and hails in the area.

These apps help you stay abreast of weather events so you can provide estimates and repairs when a storm or hail hits people’s homes.

Direct Mail

Like canvassing, direct mail is a traditional lead generation model that works for roofing companies though it’s not maximized by many. Send personalized postcards, letters, and surveys to prospective customers, giving them offers that appeal to them. This enables you to build a connection with potential clients.

Unlike emails, direct mails are likely to be read with actions taken. Ensure your postcards and letters are visually appealing to attract the attention of homeowners. Also, include your contact details and all necessary information about your roofing services.

Trade Shows

As a roofing company, you’ll gain immensely from attending trade shows. You’ll learn about new industry solutions from others, meet potential clients and create brand awareness.

You can build networks and partner with other businesses like real estate companies, remodeling contractors, HVAC companies, and homeowners associations.

When you collaborate with these businesses, you’ll have a wider reach and they’re more likely to recommend your services to their customers. For example, partnering with real estate agents gives you insight into the latest trends in home design which you can incorporate into your services. Additionally, if real estate agents discover that there’s an increased demand for homes with solar panels, they can collaborate with roofers to add solar panel installation to their services.

Generate Quality Leads for Your Roofing Business

Overall, roofing leads are crucial to the success of your business. Generating quality leads is no easy task but with the right experts, resources, and time, you’ll increase your conversion rates and double your leads. Bear in mind that you might need to combine various strategies as mentioned above to achieve your goals.

Ready to get started? Let’s help you generate roofing leads and scale up your business. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let;’s talk about how to implement these lead generation strategies for greater results.