Myths About RFID You Must Know About

Have you heard about RFID? Radiofrequency identification, commonly known as RFID, is very popular worldwide. If you are looking for a technology that can track any item and manage your inventory, you can choose RFID technology. Before installing an RFID system, you must know the basics of RFID. Without the proper knowledge, you will find difficulty in the installation process.

In this post, we will discuss some of the common myths about RFID technology and will clear the air. Read the following write-up to learn more about this technology. We have seen RFID asset tracking in a warehouse in recent times. Multiple sectors are already using RFID to improve their operation. We will try to quench all of your queries in this post. Keep reading.

1. Only Big Corporations Can Afford RFID

One of the most popular rumours about RFID is that only big organizations can afford RFID technology. This is not true. You can easily install RFID technology in your workplace if you want to track or trace items.

The cost of installing the technology is not very high. You need four basic items for this. RFID tags, readers, antennas and RFID management software are the most important components you need to buy and install. Once all the components work, you can easily track anything using RFID personal tracking software.

2. Install Barcode Before RFID

Many people say you must install a barcode system before installing the RFID technology. The truth is, there is no connection between them. Although you can have both technologies, that doesn’t mean you need one to have the other.

Consult with a professional to learn more about these technologies and install the one you like most. Both technologies have different uses; read about them and decide which is apt for you.

3. RFID Can Only Be Used For Inventory Management

Many of you think that RFID is only for inventory management. In reality, this is not the case. Although RFID is efficient in managing inventory, there are many more applications where we can use RFID.

Suppose you want to monitor your retail shop; you can attach RFID tags with your items and notice everything using centralized software. Personal tracking is another field where we can use RFID software. Consult with a professional to learn more about RFID technology and its uses.

4. It Has Privacy Issues

Is RFID safe? This a valid question that you may be thinking. You should know that using RFID doesn’t have any security threat. RFID uses radio waves that are stable and difficult to intercept. If you compare RFID technology with other popular ones, you will understand the advantages of using an RFID.

5. It Is Difficult To Install An RFID

Is it difficult to install RFID technology? Not at all. We have already discussed the four most important components needed for RFID technology. You can buy those items and appoint an experienced technician to install all those items in your workplace. You can manage the whole system using RFID management software.

We hope this post will help you understand all the basics of RFID and clear the myths about them. Look for a professional to learn more about RFID and then use it.