Online Course Platforms


Online courses are widely used for teaching and learning online. These courses are supported by a variety of platforms. Be it course creation, course selling or any other aspect related to online courses, you can find a wide range of platforms online that can be used for the same. Online course platforms make it convenient for the course creator or teacher and the learner to use this method for teaching and learning. In this article, we will be looking at online course platforms that you can use for course creation and course selling. We will also share with you the tips for choosing the best platform for selling courses online and how you can advertise your online course the right way for better sales. 

Online course platforms are available for course creation and course selling. There are different types of platforms that can be used for both these tasks related to launching an online course. Let us take a look at these platforms in detail:

Online Course Creation Platforms

Online courses can be created using a variety of platforms and methods. Using these you can create course content that makes your online course stand out from the rest of the courses based on similar topics. Online course content creation involves creating video and text content for your course. You can use the following platforms for creating your online course:

  • Online course builders
  • Video creating tools and online video editors
  • Platforms for preparing the reading material for courses
  • Platforms for generating test series and quizzes
  • Tools for editing an online course

Advertising Your Online Course

Creating an online course takes a lot of your effort and energy. Now that you have invested so much in creating an online course, you must advertise and sell the same in the best way for good results online. Advertising an online course after making it available for sale online can be done using multiple methods and platforms. There are two very common ways of advertising your online course:

  • Advertising on social media platforms: social media is very commonly used by people of all age groups who regularly access their accounts for the latest updates. You can advertise your online course using your social media handles and use the best advertising techniques using the same.
  • Advertising on video streaming platforms: live-streaming platforms can be used by you for sharing video-based courses. You can offer free courses or a few free classes to introduce an online course that you sell. 

Choosing The Right Course Selling Platform

When finding the best platform to sell online courses, you will be faced with a lot of different options of platforms and tools that you can use. Choosing the platform that benefits you the most is important in such a situation so that you can conveniently sell courses. Platforms that offer you all the tools and features that you need and automate most tasks for you should be selected as this will help reduce your workload. Some other features to look for when choosing online course selling platforms are as follows:

  • Any course selling platform you choose should be popular. By popularity, we do not mean that you need to choose a platform that is most commonly used by people around the world but a platform that is commonly used by your target audience. Also, the platform must cater to your target audience in a large number of countries. 
  • This leads us to the next factor to be considered. You must choose a course selling platform, a website or an app that is available in most countries around the world and does not face a lot of permission issues online. 
  • Online course selling is not very difficult, but choosing a platform with the most tools and features that help make the procedure more convenient is important.
  • While choosing platforms with the most advanced tools and features is important, you also need to make sure that the platform is easy to use for the teacher as well as the learner. 

The online course platform where you sell an online course and the students access the same is the platform where you and your students can interact. Choosing this platform the right way will play a major role in the performance of your online course. 

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