Poker Freeroll Tournaments: Everything You Need to Know

For folks who enjoy playing poker tournaments, it would be hard to imagine there being more options available than what we have online today. With all different types of buy-in ranges, prize pools, player fields, and game variants, just about any kind of tournament you can think of is offered somewhere.

But one type of tournament has existed since the early days of poker, as a way to introduce new players to the game without them having to take any risk; the freeroll. This is a tourney that offers players a $0 buy-in with a chance to earn real money or other prizes.

There are quite a few things to familiarize yourself with when it comes to a WPT freeroll (or any other kind). So, with that in mind, let’s take look at a few facts about these no-risk games:

They Cost Nothing to Enter

While this one seems obvious, it’s still worth taking a look at. Quality tournaments without a buy-in are difficult to find, but they do exist. The fact that you can get into a game for no money that offers a real prize of any kind has value, no matter what.

They Attract a Lot of Amateurs, Making Play Unpredictable

One thing to remember is that freerolls bring in a lot of new, inexperienced, and sometimes just plain bad players. This makes the play much more volatile and the variance much higher than with traditional, buy-in tourneys. Be prepared to take more chances than you normally would, and also to be getting all-in preflop much more often, especially in the first few levels.

There Are Several Different Types of Freerolls

And just like anything else in poker, there isn’t just one type of freeroll. Here are a few examples of the different styles of zero-risk action you can get into:

  • Freebuys (free to enter, then optional rebuys)
  • Satellites (offer entries into regular tournaments as prizes)
  • Private (special tournaments hosted by a private club or the site itself)
  • New Player/Member (available as an incentive for new people to sign up)
  • Non-Cash Prizes (gift cards or other items instead of cash)

The Blind Structures Are Usually Akin to Turbos

Most of the time, WPT freeroll (as well as many others) incorporate a faster blind schedule, to move the tournament along and avoid long hours of play for what is usually a much smaller payout than what would normally be worth the time.

They Are a Low-Pressure Way to Learn to Play

The best feature may be the fact that it lets you get familiar and comfortable with the game, without having to risk your bankroll. It also gives you the chance to learn to play different games such as PLO or Hi/Lo.

Why Not Try Your Luck with a WPT Freeroll?

So, if you are ready to shoot your shot at free money or prizes, why not download WPT and take a swing? With numerous daily freerolls (as well as many other types of tournaments), you can have all of the fun and excitement of poker anytime you want, all at the tips of your fingers.