Portrait photography in New York by a professional photographer


Having professional headshots is a must have for every actor. If you are just starting your acting career, you simply can’t do without quality headshots in NYC. After all, many directors and filmmakers look not only at how an actor plays a particular role, but also at photogenic nature. This can be a decisive factor in accepting an actor for a particular role. You can book a professional photo shoot with Lev Gorn at GORNPHOTO photo studio.

The most important thing in portrait photography

The quality of photos depends not only on how professional the photographer is, but also on the preparation and mood of the artist. First of all, it is necessary to tune in to the fact that during the photo shoot you will need to get into character and convey true emotion. Before you go to the photo shoot and take headshots in New York, you need to think about such nuances:

  • What equipment to take with you. Depending on what location the photo shoot will take place in, it is mandatory to take accessories that will help complement your image in the photo.
  • Choose the appropriate clothing.  The best choice for a professional photoshoot is to choose images that help to reflect your personality and emotions.
  • Experiment with your hair beforehand so you can be sure it will look exactly right with your look.
  • Do not wear makeup that is new to you, the pictures may not turn out the way you expect. To make your face look taut and healthy, get a good night’s sleep before the photo shoot.

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Where to book a professional shoot in New York City

In order to ensure that the quality of photos was not only at the highest level, but were able to convey a particular image, it is worth contacting a photographer who can not only convey your personality traits, but can also advise you on which image to choose. Such photographers include Lev Gorn.

Due to the fact that Lev Gorn is a professional actor as well as a director, he is able to emphasize your personality traits like no other. In his work, Lev uses an innovative approach that helps to make headshots in New York as realistic as possible.

Original locations and an individual approach to each client, allows you to create a unique portfolio for each artist. While working with Lev, you will feel confident. He will help you to enter the role and display all the emotions as characteristically as possible.

Registration for a portrait shoot with Lev Gorn

In order to get to the photo shoot, you need to make an appointment in advance and agree on the details. To do this you need to go to the GORNPHOTO website and write a message. You can also make an appointment for a free consultation. If you know exactly where you want the photo shoot, then you can call on the phone number, which is listed on the site.

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