Shocking Reasons To Take Up Leading SAFe Certifications


The Scaled Agile framework is winning the race among all other certification courses. The outlook of organizations has taken a step forward to adapt and include scaled agile techniques in their development. This has increased the demand for SAFe certifications in the corporate world. It helps in scaling agile in complex organizations and projects. SAFe adds weight to lean agile processes in development and improves the company’s overall growth. Let us see why it is so important for budding individuals in this field.

Some of the shocking reasons why you should opt for the SAFe certification course are.

  • It provides Global Accreditation

SAFe certifications are offered by a global certified body, Scaled Agile Framework. It is widely recognized not just in India but in foreign countries as well. To make sure that your job opportunities are not restrained, these leading certifications act as a bridge for you to work anywhere around the world. This certification is highly in demand and is the most sought-after certification of any other. This global credential will speak about your ability and talent in your dream job and increase your worth as well.

  • Less time to market

The Leading SAFe Certification teaches you to manage team schedules and plan the tasks accordingly. Being a professional in your agile field will make you capable of project managing tasks and seeing the continuous workflow of clients. Individuals use DevOps to tackle the piling work. Your planned schedules will reduce the project/product delivery time and ensure positive customer satisfaction. SAFe will teach you agile techniques to plan regular release dates to achieve continuous delivery to customers.

  • Enhance your agile methodologies and scrum knowledge

SAFe certifications such as CSM, CSPO, PMI, and others, focus on growing your scrum fundamentals and managing techniques. These lean agile principles will help you to expand your horizons. Individuals and professionals will have different outlooks toward their organizations and their delivery of projects. These certifications will help you to imbibe Scaled Agile trends and principles and the need to implement them in your work for better achievement and user satisfaction. This will bring immense growth to your company and keep them ahead of others.

  • Significant growth in your salary

Scaled Agilists and professionals with leading SAFe certifications are paid much more than non-certified professionals. Companies are looking for certified individuals as they are likely to be more innovative in agile practices. They are ready to pay certified individuals a high gain in their income. Even in international jobs, they value SAFe credentials, giving you an edge wherever you go. You can easily expect a hike in your current salary if you are already a Scaled Agilist. According to a survey, the worth of these certifications will increase in the future and so will the money pockets of certified professionals.

  • Responsibility for managing teams efficiently

Enrolling for SAFe Agilist Certification will prove to be beneficial as this training provides hands-on experience in managing a team. It helps you to understand the challenges faced by an organization. In a project or product development when different teams collaborate, they may not adapt well. This causes hindrance in delivery time as well as in the efficient workflow of an organization. Being a certified SAFe holder, you will have the strength and ability to tackle these barriers for the efficient workflow of the system. Understanding your team and handling them accordingly without any hate comments is an art, in which SAFe certifications will train you. This brings smooth functioning to an organization.

  • Attain a strong experience and build a global network.

With leading SAFe certifications, you will be provided with training from some top-level experts who already have enough experience in that field. With training and knowledge, you will get hands-on experience in managing and leading teams. This will boost your confidence in future job opportunities.

Since in this training you will meet with like-minded individuals and professionals, you will get exposure to the current agile frameworks that bring success to a company. It will also help you to build a great global network including professionals and experts.


Scaled Agile framework leading certifications is the best option for learning agile. The benefits of this certification are bound to rise in the future with more and more organizations adopting agile practices. In no time the demand for certified SAFe professionals will be at its peak. This is the best time for you to grab the opportunity and make yourself stand out from others.