The 5 Best Aspects About Solar Water Heaters


It’s not only in the household but also in some manufacturing industries that hot water is the backbone of productivity. However, hot water at a commercial or domestic level requires enormous energy and is therefore very expensive. Green energy by use of solar panels has provided an extraordinarily affordable and sustainable gas or electric water heaters ca heating solution.

In case you were wondering, solar panels are definitely worth the investment. Knowing that you contribute significantly to environmental conservation, you can confidently purchase one. The need for hot water cannot be ignored, especially on tap. This article discusses the many benefits of using solar water heaters beyond reduced electricity bills and reliable power supply.

1. Renewable Source Of Energy

Solar panels utilize energy from the sun; this means zero cost is incurred, unlike electricity from the power grid. Sunlight is free and available most of the day, especially in tropical areas. A domestic setup could reduce about 50% of their electricity bills. To make the most of solar energy in case you are living in areas with limited sunlight supply is to consider viable alternatives that are also available.

2. Highly Efficient

As far as efficiency goes, solar water heaters are the way to go. The solar system can convert up to 80% of the sun’s radiation to heat energy. It ensures that most of your heating needs are catered for without the risk of receiving cold water. The level of efficiency also influence the solar water heaters prices in Kenya. For a large consumer base, efficiency can be achieved by installing an intelligent solar water heating system.

3. Environmentally Friendly

The keyword when it comes to solar water heaters is green energy. Green energy, in this case, means that the heating process utilizes natural energy from the sun, which is the most favorable for the environment. No noise pollution, carbon emissions, or other waste may harm the environment. Installing solar water heaters is a great initiative, given that the most significant contributor to climate change is carbon emissions from fossil fuels or natural gas.

4. Utilizes Less Space Compared to Traditional Solar Panels

Unlike photo-voltaic panels that are typically used to power a household, solar water heating systems are not as space intensive. If you think the space available may not be enough, you may want to consider thermal panels. In addition, if the idea of having your roof covered in solar panels does not appeal to you, an average home may need about three solar water heating panels and, thus, the best alternative.

5. Low Maintenance Required

Although maintenance is a crucial step, the good thing is that solar water heaters do require a lot of it. Only simple cleaning is necessary because it does not have any moving parts. However, it is essential to be familiar with maintenance practices for your solar water heater to avoid corrosion.


Installing solar water heaters in your residence requires an initial investment, after which you will reap all the benefits of having your solar water heating.

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