The Best Festive Wine Gifts For Christmas


Wine gifts are perfect for different occasions including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, anniversaries, and birthdays. The best festive wine gifts for Christmas strike the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and functionality. They are also creative, unique, and personalized.

Looking to buy a wine gift for Christmas? You might think it is easy but there are many categories of wines to consider. There are also hundreds of wine accessories to choose from. This guide will make your work easier.

Consider Something Special & Unique

Your loved one occupies a special place in your heart. Why not find them a special wine gift? Find something that is not common in your locality such as wine from another region. It can also be new wine that has just launched in the market. Also, consider unique wine accessories.

A unique wine collection will make their day. It will be made of wine bottles that they have never seen before. Everything from the bottle’s appearance to the taste of the wine will be unique.

Personalize Your Gift

Don’t send your wine gift without personalizing it. Doing so will make it memorable. A personalized gift is much more meaningful than one that isn’t personalized.

Personalization can involve engraving a wine bottle or accessory with a name or other text. Ensure your gift includes a note with a sweet message for your loved one. The note should have the recipient’s name.

Put Together a Wine Gift Basket

A wine gift basket is better than a standalone gift; it will have the best of everything. A wine gift basket is versatile, it will have different items that the recipient is likely to find interesting. You should fill it with wine, food, and wine accessories.

Best Festive Wine Gifts for Christmas

1. Adorable Wine Glasses

No matter how big their drinkware collection is, new additions are always welcomed. You can gift them with stemless wine glasses that are perfect for serving and displaying wine. Their sculptural shape is striking and facilitates easy grip.  You can also opt for crystalline, long-stemmed wine glasses.

You can never go wrong with elegant and functional wine glasses. This is a practical gift because a wine lover will use wine glasses regularly.

2. An Insulated Travel Tote

For the person who always shows up to events with a bottle of wine, an insulated travel tote will be the perfect gift. It will make their work easier by keeping their wine at the perfect temperature during transit. Find a size that will make it possible to carry two or three bottles at a time.

3. Portable Wine Table

A portable wine table will enable them to enjoy their favorite wine at a backyard, picnic, or outdoor fire pit; they will enjoy wine on the go. A good table has wine glass holders and a wine bottle rest. It is easy to fold and transport.

4. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Make their life easier with an electric wine bottle opener. This is perfect for everyday home use and parties. It is cordless, rechargeable, and has a simple push-button operation.

5. Champagne Stopper

A champagne stopper will ensure that no bottle of wine goes to waste. It is easy to use and holds carbonation very well.

6. Corkscrew

The most basic gift you can send is a corkscrew. The corkscrew is still the most preferred method of opening a wine bottle making it a practical gift. However, basic doesn’t have to mean boring. You should search for a corkscrew that is enhanced, polished, and elegant.

7. Wine Coaster

Wine bottles will stain a tablecloth. By presenting a bottle on a wine coaster, you will not worry about wine stains on your linens. A snug-fitting coaster will also ensure that the bottle doesn’t topple over.

8. Wine Books

If the person you are gifting is an ardent reader, you can send them a popular wine book. This will help them to know more about wines. A beginner’s wine book will be a good gift for a novice.

9. Wine Making Kit

For a future winemaker, a wine-making kit is a very valuable gift. Collecting wine is one thing but making it is a completely different ballgame. Find a kit that has everything that an aspiring winemaker requires to get off the ground. A wine kit has different pieces of equipment and a manual.

10. Premium Wine Subscription

Your loved one will thank you when you sign them up for a premium wine subscription club. They will receive exclusive wine bottles every month.

The Bottom-Line

Gifting a wine bottle can feel simplistic, but wine gear will enhance the experience to a whole new level. There are endless options of wine accessories including beautiful glassware and wine tools for preserving and opening wine bottles.

To find the perfect gift, start your search by finding out what type of wine lover you are shopping for. Subsequently, narrow down your list to wine accessories that make sense as a gift. Know your recipient and find the most valuable gift for them.

Consider your budget; don’t overspend. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive gift. You can find an affordable gift that will still impress the recipient.

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