The complex cricket statistics


Some sports are extremely simple when it comes to recording their statistics and numbers. However, it is fair to say that cricket is located on the opposite side of the spectrum. Punters can visit the website – make all bet now on the best cricket matches from the entire world.

If we take a look at any cricket match as a single event, there are lots of numbers that can be registered for teams and individual players. Approximately 30 individual parameters can be registered in order to have a complete picture of what happened in an individual match. The most important off them are:

  • number of matches played;
  • innings;
  • runs;
  • centuries;
  • overs;
  • and strike rates.

Punters can make all bets now on the cricket section of 1xBet on lots of different statistics. The aforementioned parameters are nowhere nearly enough to have a complete picture of what happens in a match. However, they can give a general overview.

Even more complexity

Obviously, cricket matches are not single events. Instead, most of the time they are played as part of a larger tournament or competition. Punters can visit in order to wager on the best cricket championships across the entire world.

There are five major variations of cricket. They are Test cricket, One-Day Internationals, first-class, Twenty20 and List A. Players can participate in matches of all those variations of the game. If they do so, statistics of their performances will be kept separately for each type of the sport. The 1xBet betting platform has lots of cricket events that are played in different variations.

Displaying lots of parameters

When thinking about a football or a tennis match, its statistics are simple enough that they can be shown as simple numbers. However, in cricket, this is quite different. Because there are so many parameters, with lots of them being intertwined, it is necessary to become creative in order to display them. You can check today kabaddi live on 1xBet, which also features a great cricket section where punters can wager on lots of different statistics.

For the general audience that watches a cricket game, it is necessary to show these statistics in a way that is easy to understand. For this reason, a popular way of showing such numbers is by presenting lots of charts and plots. They can be bidimensional or even tridimensional, depending on what is intended to show. For this reason, in major matches, there are usually a few individuals in charge of compiling the data and presenting it to the viewers. Punters can also check today’s live kabaddi or cricket on 1xBet, which also has a great set of statistics.

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