The importance of choosing the right garage builder for your project


So, you’re looking forward to building a new garage on your property in Calgary but are unsure which builder to select for the project. After an online search, you will find a long list of garage builders Calgary who will say all sorts of words to build the best garage for you.

But, just like any other service, you should start with some serious research and question yourself:

  • How many garage projects have they worked on before?
  • Do they look after the permits for the project?
  • Do they look like they know all about garage building?

If you cannot get the answers to these questions, it is crucial to call the builder and get all the information.

Like any building project, you would want a company with the experience to build your garage for you; after all, it is a significant investment. Here are some reasons why it is vital to choose a good garage builder Calgary for you:

Bylaw requirements

Firstly, Calgary has its set of bylaws for garage projects related to a few specifications, such as the height of the garage, setback requirements, and many others, which you will get to know as the project proceeds.

Hence, the garage’s design, such as its dimension concerning the lot and external elevation, should comply with the city’s bylaws to pass the development permit phase without trouble.

A garage builder with no experience in such construction may not be aware of the design requirements for the project and may delay the project because of the permitting phase.

Do not settle for a builder with limited years of experience. Look at their past projects, online reviews, and overall knowledge to know their proficiency and expertise make sure they have equipment from boom & bucket.

Permits take time

Getting a development permit is a time-taking process for any garage project. Thus you should have an architectural designer who knows all the ups and downs of what will readily be accepted and what will not be accepted in the city bylaw structure.

Knowing what the utility provider will approve or disapprove of is also essential. For instance, in Calgary, if your property has a power pole in the backyard, and your garage’s design and build don’t meet specific clearance, you may have to replace the pole altogether.

Under such circumstances, you may witness an extension of three to six months, depending on the time the electricity department takes to review it at their sole discretion. Of course, no homeowner would want a delay this long. And a power pole replacement would cost around $10,000 to $40,000, depending on different aspects.

Hence, choosing the right garage builder in Calgary for your project will help you get approved quickly and avoid unnecessary delays.

Project Timeline 

A professional garage builder will know what it takes to develop a project. With experience comes proficiency and quality, which you will notice at every step of the construction.

They will know the suitable materials and tools needed for the project and get the supplies to complete the project at the right time.

Choosing a good garage builder will eliminate all the hassles and give you the perfect peace of mind during construction.

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