The Importance of Physical Therapy for Your Pelvic Health


Your pelvic floor contains important muscles and organs that can weaken over time. These muscles and organs include your bladder, bowel, uterus and vagina. Childbirth and age may cause pelvic floor problems that could impact your daily routine. Weak pelvic floor muscles may cause pain, discomfort and poor bladder or bowel control. Here are some benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy.

Maintain Pelvic Bodily Functions

One of the top reasons you should try physical therapy for pelvic health is to improve your pelvic bodily functions. The pelvic muscles offer support to your bladder and bowel and impact your control over them. If you struggle with weak pelvic muscles, therapy can help strengthen them and make bladder and bowel accidents less frequent.

Lead a Normal and Healthy Life

Weak pelvic muscles and poor bladder or bowel control can disrupt your daily life. It’s embarrassing to soil yourself, especially in a public place like work or school. Other activities may also be impacted by weak pelvic floor muscles, such as sitting, walking, getting out of a chair or standing for a long period of time. Therapy may be able to help reduce your difficulties with these activities.

Get Pain Relief

Pain is also more common when you have pelvic floor problems. Simple daily tasks may be uncomfortable with pelvic floor strain. Additionally, activities like elimination or sexual intercourse may also be painful. Physical therapy in North Carolina could help strengthen your muscles and give you relief.

Feel More Relaxed

Therapy may also provide a little stress relief if your pelvic floor muscles are a source of anxiety. Your therapist can work with you to determine your goals for your treatment and come up with strategies to help create a better mind and body connection to deal with stress. Physical therapy for vertigo may also be beneficial if you struggle with it.

Improve Intimacy

A big complaint of pelvic floor therapy patients is problems with intimacy. Since the pelvic floor muscles play a role in the stability of the uterus and vagina, it’s common to experience painful intercourse if the muscles are weakened. Instead of suffering, consider therapeutic exercises like Kegels to make things better.

Avoid Medication

Some providers are more likely to prescribe powerful pain medications to patients with pelvic floor issues. If you want to avoid this type of treatment, therapy may be a better option. Instead of masking the symptoms of pelvic floor weakness, therapy helps rebuild your strength.

Increase Strength and Mobility

The final reason therapy may be the right choice is it could help improve strength and mobility. Your pelvic floor and your core work together to provide your body with stability. A weak core may impact your overall mobility and make things more challenging, including everyday tasks. If you have a solid routine of therapeutic exercises with a skilled therapist guiding you, this could transform your body.

Pelvic floor exercises may benefit you in a variety of ways. You could improve your strength, mobility and outlook if you invest in a detailed physical therapy routine with a provider.

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