The weird story of the “celebrating referee”

It is not rare to see football fans speculating that referees are fans of a particular football team. Visit the best betting sites Pakistan – 1xBet bookmaker has opportunities on plenty of decisions taken by these officials. For obvious reasons, they don’t state what team they like. However, fans always come up with their theories when they see certain actions from them.

Mike Dean was a long-serving referee of the English Premier League between 2000 and 2022. You can sign up to the best betting sites in Pakistan, which is the 1xBet bookmaker, that offers the chance to make wagers on this tournament.

On the 26th of February 2012, a North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham was played. Both teams delivered an intense match that ended with a final score of 5-2. However, a particular action that happened after Spurs’ first goal put Mike Dean on the spotlight.

A thrilling match

As said before, both Spurs and Gunners delivered a memorable contest. The features live wagering opportunities on both of these teams. A curious occurrence took place in the third minute of the match.

Louis Saha scored the first goal. While the ball was going inside the goal, a quite bizarre scene was observed. Referee Mike Dean seemed to be “jumping” as Spurs’ first goal was scored. If you like Tottenham, you will also like to wager on its matches through the 1xBet website.

Many people saw these jumps as Dean celebrating Tottenham’s goal, which infuriated Arsenal fans. However, it should be noted that the match was being played at Emirates Stadium, with more than 60 thousand spectators. Would Mike Dean really be that crazy to celebrate a goal in front of tens of thousands of angry fans?

In more general terms, the final score was 5-2 in Arsenal’s favor. In addition to Saha, other goalscorers were:

  • Emmanuel Adebayor;
  • Bacary Sagna;
  • Robin van Persie;
  • Tomáš Rosický;
  • and Theo Walcott.

Despite their team winning the match, most Arsenal fans were quite concerned about what was apparently seen from the referee.

Dean’s explanations

Mike Dean explained what actually happened during the match. If you like the Premier League you can find football live betting on 1xBet, where all matches of this competition can be discovered.

According to the referee, there were many players that blocked his view from the goal guarded by Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny. For this reason, he wanted to clearly see whether the ball entered the goal or not. It is clear that most Arsenal fans didn’t believe him. However, again, it is difficult to think that he would celebrate a goal in front of all those fans of the Gunners. You can find live football betting on 1xBet on all Arsenal matches too.