Things to know when going for a car wrap in Edmonton


Car vinyl wrap alters the complete look of the car, adding panache and luxury to it. A car wrap includes a layer of vinyl coating that allows the owner to change the vehicle’s appearance without the long-time commitment of getting a paint job. Consider it as a temporary tattoo for your car. Wrapping a vehicle is not the same as a paint job, as it doesn’t affect the current paint.

The design can be matte, glossy, gradient, metallic, chrome, or anything you want. There is no limit to it. However, it is essential to consider your budget when going for car wrap Edmonton.

Here are a few things that you should know when going for a car wrap Edmonton:

You need a pristine surface for car wrap

Some people think that a wrap can add life to an old car or one in poor paint condition, but it is not valid. Indeed, it serves as a coating for the bad paint, but if your vehicle has paint imperfections, dents, and scratches, it will be noticeable over the newly wrapped surface. And, if the paint starts to flake or oxidize, the wrap will have a tough time adhering to it. Hence, it is advised to get the scratches and dents repaired before the car wrap. Bumpers

Prices can differ

A car wrap is a labor-intensive job. Hence, the price depends on the size of the car, installation complexities, and the wrap material.

The cost for a small car can range from $2000 with standard color and go as high as $10000 for high-end cars. The vinyl shop needs additional caution with those vehicles.

The metallic and chrome finish car wraps are expensive because of the high price of the material and installation intricacies, and their cost could range from $6000 to $8000.

Process of installation

Firstly, the store will wash and detail the car to remove all dust particles and contaminants from the paint. Then they will remove the headlights, taillights, and bumper cover for the installer to wrap the edges of the panel. If the customer doesn’t want to remove these parts, the installer will use a scalpel-like tool to cut the vinyl near the grill and light.

Then they will proceed with the wrap on the body. A heat gun is sometimes used to perfectly ensure the wrap sticks to the vehicle. Lastly, the installer checks out all the air pockets.

The process may take a few days. If you want the inner body of your car door to be wrapped too, the time can exceed, and the labor cost may increase.

If you maintain your car wrap, it can have a life of 5 years. However, the more it is exposed to elements, the lesser its life will be. Also, prevent it from direct exposure to the sun to enhance its life. You can use a nano-ceramic coating on the wrap to protect it from scratches and UV rays. You can quickly get your car back to its original color by removing it from the professionals.

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